David Eason: Did Jenelle Evans' Boyfriend Show Abusive Tendencies in Teen Mom 2 Finale?

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If you watched the Teen Mom 2 Season 7 finale last night, you know that the show left us with enough questionable decisions to leave us shaking our heads until next season (or at least until next week's reunion show).

Jenelle Evans and Leah Messer spent much of the season informally but seriously battling it out for the title of Biggest Teen Mom Train Wreck.

For a while, it looked like Leah had it locked down.

But Jenelle really came through in the final few episodes of this season, proving once and for all that she is, and ever shall be, one of the most messed-up mothers in the history of reality television.

Part of the reason that Jenelle was able to leave the other moms in the dust with her negligent, incompetent parenting is David Eason.

In her latest boyfriend, she found a true partner in crime ... often times literally, if you know what we mean. We mean they get arrested.

David was with Jenelle when she ditched her son to go on spring break, and he even joined her in butting heads with her mother/lifelong rival, Barbara Evans.

Who could forget this memorable face-off between Babs and Dave?

Last night, Eason topped his previous questionable behavior by interacting with Jenelle's sons in a way what some viewers described as verbally abusive.

On what was supposed to be a fun fishing expedition, Eason went off on 6-year-old Jace when the boy was being too loud for his liking:

“Hey! No screaming Jace,” Eason scolded the youngster.

“You’re 6 years old. Do not scream like a little girl."

"It’s not funny or a joke to scream like that. It’s so aggravating.”

When Jace began crying, Eason re-directed his fury.

“Son I wish you would quit screaming,” he said before telling a friend:

“He just won’t never stop screaming unless you give him exactly what he wants all the time. He takes after his daddy, he’s a little screaming b--ch.”

As is her habit in recent months, Jenelle Evans blamed MTV for what she felt was a negative portrayal of the new douche in her life:

"Not watching once again," Jenelle tweeted in response.

"Highly disappointed and only caught a glimpse for 5 secs."

"Rethinking ever letting my life be filmed ever again."

Oh, Jenelle. There are so many things you should regret. Getting rich by showing the world how not to parent shouldn't be one of them.

We've just saying. And also saying that you can watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive more of Jenelle's low-lights from this past season.

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