Jenelle Evans & Briana DeJesus: Starring In Their Own Teen Mom 2 Spinoff?!

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A recently-released trailer for the current season of Teen Mom 2 promised some major drama and plenty of surprises.

We tend to think the cast has a pretty good idea of what's in store long before the rest of us, but it seems two of the show's stars learned about a major storyline for the first time Monday night.

Briana DeJesus and Jenelle Evans say they were stunned to learn that their fellow castmates held a meeting with producers in which they basically asked that Jenelle and Briana be fired.

Not surprisingly, DeJesus and Evans were less than thrilled, and not only did they make their feelings known on social media, they also proposed a solution that might make everyone happy ...

1. The Antagonists

The Antagonists
What's a reality show without a good villain, right? Well, love 'em or hate 'em villains don't get much more compelling than Teen Mom 2's resident bad girls, Jenelle Evans and Briana DeJesus.

2. The Infamous Meeting

The Infamous Meeting
In a trailer that aired after Monday night's Teen Mom 2 season premiere, Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer, and Chelsea Houska were seen meeting with TM2 producers and claiming that they don't feel safe co-starring with Jenelle and Briana.

3. Um...What?

It was a bit of an odd claim to make, as aside from the annual reunion show, the ladies of Teen Mom 2 are never forced to interact with each other. In fact, they all live in totally different regions of the country.

4. Briana Reacts

Briana Reacts
DeJesus took to Twitter to express her shock after seeing the trailer, stating that she had no idea such a meeting took place, and adding "holy f--king sh-t lmao" for emphasis.

5. Unhappy Hurricane

Unhappy Hurricane
Jenelle was equally displeased, but rather than getting angry, she decided to view her castmates' mutiny as an opportunity.

6. The Pitch

The Pitch
Yes, Jenelle has an idea that will make everyone happy - especially her castmates who clearly want her and Briana banished from TM2.

7. Spinoff Time!

Spinoff Time!
"So I’ve decided that me and @_BrianaDejesus should just have our own show. #ProblemSolved," Jenelle tweeted.

8. Briana's On Board

Briana's On Board
"Pbri&jenelle take over the world," Briana replied to the tweet.

9. Crazy Enough to Work

Crazy Enough to Work
It may sound like a ridiculous idea - centering a spinoff around TM2's most controversial figures - but it might actually be the perfect solution to the show's current problems.

10. Love/Hate Relationship

Love/Hate Relationship
For one thing, fans may claim to hate Jenelle and/or Briana, but deep down they know both women are entertaining as hell.

11. Best of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds
This way, viewers could still enjoy the hijinks of Evans and DeJesus but the pair wouldn't taking screentime away from more fan-friendly cast members like Leah or Chelsea.

12. Everybody's Happy

Everybody's Happy
More importantly, it's a solution that would appease the show's other three cast members, who probably won't quit the show in protest - but we're sure producers would prefer not to find that out the hard way.

13. Legit Concerns?

Legit Concerns?
Kail, Chelsea, and Leah say told producers that they don't feel safe wth Jenelle and Briana on the cast. Are their concerns legitimate? Well, that's tough to say ...

14. Don't Mess With DeJesus

Don't Mess With DeJesus
At the time of the big meeting, Briana was dating Kail's ex, Javi Marroquin. We're sure that was profoundly irritating - but it hardly made Briana a danger.

15. Jenelle, on the Other Hand

Jenelle, on the Other Hand
Jenelle, however, is the type of person who you'd be right to feel unsafe around. Just last month, the Carolina Hurricane threatened a man with a gun during a terrifying road rage incident.

16. In Fairness

In Fairness
That incident took place AFTER the cast met with producers. Still, it's hardly the first violent incident that Evans has been involved with.

17. David Drama

David Drama
Not long before the meeting, there was a bizarre incident in which David Eason drunkenly stabbed a bunch of ballons with a knife at a cast party. The children of several cast members were present.

18. The Future

The Future
So it's not hard to see why the rest of the ladies don't feel comfortable with Jenelle on the cast. But will her proposed spinoff with Briana actually materialize?

19. Don't Count On It

Don't Count On It
Briana JUST joined the TM2 cast, and unfortunately for Jenelle, MTV agrees with her castmates that she's a pain to work with. It's almost like devoting the past ten years to burning bridges WASN'T a good idea. Go figure!

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