Chris Lopez Responds to Claims That He BEAT Kailyn Lowry

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Even though he's never appeared on the show, Chris Lopez is not a particularly beloved figure among Teen Mom 2 fans.

Lopez briefly dated Kailyn Lowry last year, and he's the father of her youngest son, Lux.

Unfortunately, Chris has made it abundantly clear that he wants nothing to do with either Kail or the show that made her famous.

By most accounts, Lopez is something of a jerk, but until recently we thought he was simply a bad boyfriend who became a deadbeat dad.

Now, Briana DeJesus has leveled a much more serious allegation at Lopez, and some fans might not be satisfied by his response ...

1. Instagram Dad

Instagram Dad
Chris and Kal have had a contentious relationship since well before Lux was born. These days, he posts lots of pics of himself and his son, but Kail says it's all for show and accuses him of being an "Instagram dad."

2. Back and Forth

Back and Forth
She says he's barely a part of Lux's life at all, and he usually responds with pettiness like this. Yes, that's a photo of Chris burning a copy of Kail's memoir.

3. Lux Life

Lux Life
Needless to say, the former couple has failed to form the amicable co-parenting relationship that Kail had hoped for. And now it looks as though the situation might be far worse than we initially thought ...

4. Always a Source of Drama

Always a Source of Drama
The latest uproar surrounding Lopez is the result of a bizarre comment that Kail's longtime rival, Briana DeJesus, made on Instagram.

5. Not Holding Back

Not Holding Back
When a fan accused Briana of trash-talking Kail in front of her kids, DeJesus replied, "I wasn't talking s--t and shut the f--k up cause she gets beat the f--k up by Chris in front of her kids, goodbye."

6. Chris Responds

Chris Responds
Needless to say, Chris was not happy with the accusation leveled by Briana, and he wasted no time in responding.

7. The Denial

The Denial
"1 more thing lol I NEVER beat my BM," Lopez tweeted just hours after Briana posted her accusation. Strange use of "lol," but we get the point.

8. What's Really Going On Here?

What's Really Going On Here?
Since Kail has never accused him, and there seems to be no real evidence that Lopez ever hit Lowry, we're inclined to believe he's telling the truth. So what led Briana to make such a reckless accusation?

9. The Beginning

The Beginning
As far as anyone can tell, Briana got her information from an article published by Radar Online in October 2017, which cited a source who claimed Chris had been physically abusive to Kail.

10. A Recurring Issue?

A Recurring Issue?
"There has been abuse against Kail on more than one occasion,” an alleged insider told Radar, adding that Lowry was dedicated to “finding a safe way for him to have a relationship with his son.”

11. Deadbeat Dad?

Deadbeat Dad?
The source went on to claim that Chris is barely a presence in his son's life, saying, “He has no plans and works maybe three times a week if that. He has never bought anything for the baby except maybe a box of diapers one time.”

12. Facts and Lies

Facts and Lies
That last part might be true, but there seems to be no basis to the claim that Chris was ever physically abusive to Kail. And while they're not exactly besties, Bri knows enough about Kail's life that she was likely well aware there was no truth to those claims.

13. The Bigger Issue

The Bigger Issue
The fact that Briana would spread a rumor that she likely knew to be false highlights a larger issue here - namely, that feuds between the moms of Teen Mom have reached the point where all bets are off and anything goes.

14. A Widespread Problem

Briana might be the most recent offender, but she's certainly not the only one. In fact, most of the cast members on Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 have, at one point, gone guerrilla in their efforts to shame or discredit their rivals.

15. But Why?

You may be wondering why the stars of these two shows are so much more likely to resort to desperate or underhanded tactics. There's no clear reason, but some likely theories have emerged...

16. Distance Is a Mother

Most shows like the ones in the Teen Mom franchise tend to center around groups of friends, or at least take place in one city.

17. A Different Structure

That's not the case with the Teen Mom series. Some of the ladies might be friends now, but that's a result of their involvement with the show. All of the cast members live in different states, which means when there's beef to settle it can only play out one of two ways - on social media, or at the annual reunion show.

18. Different Circumstances

Different Circumstances
The Real Housewives series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Love & Hip-Hop, Vanderpump Rules - what do all these shows have in common? They center around people living posh, ego-driven lives in America's most lavish cities. That's not the case with the Teen Mom shows.

19. Still No Excuse

Still No Excuse
The ladies of Teen Mom became famous under strenuous circumstances while still in their teens. The spotlight's been glaring ever since, and most of them have the added pressure of being single moms. Not that that excuses the spreading of false rumors, or blatant attempts at character assassination, but it's important to remember that Briana, Kail, and the rest of the moms are playing by different rules.

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