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It’s cancelation season — the worst time of the year.

FOX, infamous for having canceled beloved shows in the past, is giving the axe to beloved comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Season 5 will be its last.

(UPDATE: The show has been saved by NBC)!

TV cancelations tend to have much more to do with ratings and budgets than they do with anything else, which means that high-quality shows can get the axe. This, folks, is why we as a society cannot have nice things.

A massive outpouring of support from fans and viewers of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has dominated the Twitter conversation since the announcement on Thursday.

Members of the cast thanked fans for their years of support.

A number of celebrities spoke out, mourning the show and extolling its many virtues.

In fact, as you’ll see, the outpouring was so intense that their may be good news on the horizon. …