Jenelle Evans: About to Get Fired From Teen Mom 2 For Real?

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Jenelle Evans has managed to avoid the recent run of controversy surrounding Teen Mom 2 for one simple reason:

Jenelle Evans has been avoiding Teen Mom 2... entirely.

The controversial star simply skipped last weekend's reunion taping, at which Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry reportedly got into a scuffle.

But is this elected, temporary hiatus about to become a forced permnanet one?

Is Jenelle Evans about to get fired from Teen Mom 2?

We have a reason to believe so. Scroll down to learn what that reason is...

1. Why Might Evans Get Fired?

Why Might Evans Get Fired?
Well, for starters: she's basically asking to be? Recent reports have said Jenelle is refusing to film. It's like she's playing a game of chicken here.

2. Reunion? Schmunion!

Reunion? Schmunion!
Jenelle did not attend the multi-day taping of the Teen Mom 2 reunion in New York City last weekend. Yes, she avoided an altercation between Briana and Kailyn, but that isn't the point obviously.


Evans basically admitted on Twitter that she stayed home because attending would have been "uncomfortable." Pretty sure that's not a permitted reason, according to her contract.

4. All About Eason

All About Eason
Evans allegedly stayed away from the reunion because MTV refused to pay for husband David Eason to attend. Said an insider: "When [the producers] refused to agree to pay for David, Jenelle said she’s not coming. This has been going on for a long time, them battling back and forth, and MTV refused to budge."

5. And Why Wasn't Eason Welcome?

And Why Wasn't Eason Welcome?
Because he's already been fired for making homophobic remarks!

6. Is Jenelle Next?

Is Jenelle Next?
This is now the question on the minds of all Teen Mom 2 viewers. It's been a topic of conversation among fans for several weeks, ever since Eason was let go.

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