Briana DeJesus Throws Shade at Kailyn Lowry: Learn to Fight!

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Over the weekend, the annual Teen Mom 2 reunion show was taped in New York.

And as with just about every previous year, the whole thing was completely bonkers.

The dramatic highlights came when Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry nearly came to blows on set - not once, but twice.

Sources say Kail wanted to throw down during a private meeting with Briana, but DeJesus squashed the beef ... only to come after Lowry the very next time the two of them came face to face.

Again, the co-stars were kept at a safe distance from each other, but not surprisingly, it looks as though any peace that was achieved on set was only temporary ...

1. Briana Drama

Briana Drama
Briana gave her account of the incident to The Hollywood Gossip, telling us that she and Lowry nearly threw down on two separate occasions over the weekend.

2. It's a Trap!

It's a Trap!
“I got to the studio. I get a text and it’s Kail saying she wants to talk. So Production told me that she wants to squash the beef since we are on the same show," DeJesus stated.

3. Walking Into the Lion's Den

Walking Into the Lion's Den
“So I said ok. Kail didn’t want our ‘convo’ filmed so Production stood in the hallway," Briana continued.

4. All For Show?

All For Show?
Briana went on to say that despite the safeguards, Kailyn still acted as though she wanted to fight. “When Kail walks in she looked like she wanted to fight so I’m like omg here we go," DeJesus said. "So there’s 3 guards inside with us just in case so Kail starts yelling saying let me just hit her one time."

5. Ending On a Threat

Ending On a Threat
"She knew she wouldn’t be able to touch me because all the guards were holding her back, so whatever. That ended and I was like wait til I see you again," Briana said.

6. The Follow-Up

The Follow-Up
And of course, it wasn't long before Briana and Kail met again. And this time, Briana went on the offensive ...

7. Instinct Kicks In

Instinct Kicks In
“The only person I saw was Kail sitting down so I just ran up. Guards got to me. I slipped and fell trying to get over the table to get to Kail and then my sister [Brittany DeJesus] got into it," Bri added.

8. Brittany Gets Involved

Brittany Gets Involved
“I do know that my sister tried to stop me at first when l ran out on the stage,” she explained. “But then Kail started to talk s–t to Brittany, so Brittany got upset. I don’t want anyone to think we tried to jump her, cause we didn’t.”

9. Not According to Plan

Not According to Plan
Sources say that after Kail and Bri's fights, the rest of the weekend was an unproductive mess. Chelsea Houska and Jo Rivera refused to return to set, and producers were left with far less usable footage than they wanted.

10. Sounding Off

Sounding Off
As of today, the ladies have all returned home, but that doesn't mean the conflict is over. It wasn't long before Bri took to Twitter to continue offering her two cents on the disastrous weekend.

11. Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade
“Mean what u say, say what you mean. When ur ready to pop off, you don’t say just do it.. that’s #1 and #2 if I’m at arms reach, don’t walk around a 50ft table. U cross it,” Briana advised in a tweet that was obviously targeted at Kail.

12. And Talking Trash

And Talking Trash
“Get it together! @KailLowry u knew u weren’t gonna touch me," she added.

13. Kail's Commentary

Kail's Commentary
Kail, of course, was not about to let Briana be the only one to have her voice heard. First she tweeted a photo from the taping, along with a caption reading, "When you’re the last ones on set & the entire weekend has been a s–tshow."

14. An Unexpected Defense

An Unexpected Defense
Interestingly, Kail went on to defend Bri, assuring fans that DeJesus did not hit her, and confirming that Brittany DeJesus was the only one to engage in any actual violence.

15. Saving It For the Podcast

Saving It For the Podcast
After that, Kail announced that she would be holding her tongue for the time being, tweeting, "I don’t have to say shit at this point. I’m happy to be home."

16. Coffee Convos

Coffee Convos
But you can be sure that's not the last you'll hear from Kail on the matter. Fans expect that she'll tell the rest of her tale on the next episode of her Coffee Convos podcast.

17. The Fallout

The Fallout
Obviously, it'll be several months before we find out exactly what happened on set, but there are already concerns about what the weekend's debacle might mean for the future of Teen Mom 2.

18. Too Much Drama?

Too Much Drama?
Reality shows thrive on conflict, but the TM2 situation may have gotten out of hand, particularly since Jenelle Evans never even made it to set as a direct result of altercations that took place on the set of last year's reunion show.

19. Who Stands to Lose?

Who Stands to Lose?
Obviously, if the show comes to a premature end, the people who stand to lose the most are the fans, and Briana, who didn't have as much time as the other moms to cash in on the series' success. Viewers deserve more Briana deserves more earnings, so hopefully, this mess will get sorted out.

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