Mackenzie Standifer Quits Social Media, Dumps Ryan Edwards?!

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Mackenzie Standifer has put up with an awful lot during her brief marriage to Ryan Edwards.

But now it seems she may have finally become fed up with his many awful tendencies.

Ever since Ryan was arrested back in March, he and Mackenzie have both been laying low on social media.

But now, Standifer has taken things a step further.

She appears to have quit Instagram completely, and some Teen Mom OG fans believe they've picked up on subtle signs that she and Ryan are no longer together.

Here's what we know so far:

1. Happier Times

Happier Times
In the wake of his March arrest for a probation violation, Mackenzie initially stood by her man. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of Ryan's downfall.

2. Repeating a Pattern

Repeating a Pattern
The day after the arrest, it was revealed that Ryan had been using an online dating profile to try and cheat on Mackenzie. It was not the first time he had done so.

3. It Gets Worse...

It Gets Worse...
That same week, the public learned that Ryan's ex, Maci Bookout, had been granted a restraining order after revealing that Ryan had threatened to kill her husband.

4. A Painful Separation

A Painful Separation
There was a time when Ryan wasn't even allowed to make contact with his son, Bentley. A judge has since lifted that order of protection, but Ryan's vistation rights remain in jeopardy.

5. The Future

The Future
It's unclear what's next for Ryan. He could still be facing jail time, and he's in for a hell of a custody battle with Maci.

6. Mackenzie's Next Move

Mackenzie's Next Move
Mackenzie is five months pregnant with Ryan's baby, and fans have been encouraging her to kick him to the curb. Now, it seems she may have done exactly that ...

7. A Subtle Sign

A Subtle Sign
Mackenzie has turned control of her Instagram page over to her wedding photographer, who posted this pic of her earlier this week.

8. An Unexpected Move

An Unexpected Move
Obviously, the ladies of Teen Mom have massive online followings, and their social media pages are of tremendous value. Mackenzie's move is unprecedented in the show's history.

9. Done With the Spotlight

Done With the Spotlight
Many believe her decision to abandon social media is an indication that Mackenzie is done with public life. And that's not the only recent clue ...

10. A New Career

A New Career
In the captions for one of his pics, the wedding photographer, Christian George, stated that Mackenzie has moved on to a new line of work.

11. False Reality

False Reality
"Mackenzie is one of the most selfless/loyal humans I know. As our friendship has grown so has my understanding of the illusion of 'reality TV,'" Christian wrote.

12. Like a Good Neighbor

Like a Good Neighbor
"Her friendship has been beyond a blessing," he added. "I’ll shout it from the rooftops. SideNote: if you need some insurance, hit this girl up."

13. Come Again?

Come Again?
So Mackenzie is selling insurance now? She made a career chance while pregnant, despite the fact that she earns a lucrative living from TMOG and her husband's salary is in the mid-six figure range?

14. The Conclusion

The Conclusion
For obvious reasons, many have taken this to mean that Mackenzie will no longer be appearing on Teen Mom OG, and that she and Ryan are no longer together,

15. Another Sign?

Another Sign?
As some fans pointed out, in his many posts about Mackenzie, Christian never makes any mention of Ryan at all.

16. Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom
All of this comes on the heels of a period in which Ryan set fire to just about every other important relationship in his life.

17. Turned Loose?

Turned Loose?
Fans have been encouraging Mackenzie to cut ties with Ryan for months, and now, it looks as though she may have finally taken their advice.

18. What Comes Next?

What Comes Next?
It's anyone's guess what the future holds for Ryan and Mackenzie, but at the moment, all signs seem to indicate that they're no longer together. And we're guessing that's just fine by Mackenzie ...

19. Unburdened

Ryan had been a burden on Mackenzie from the start of their relationship. At one point, he nearly cost her custody of her first son. Soon, she'll be able to raise her two children in peace, no longer plagued by Ryan's self-destructive tendencies ... but still enjoying his hefty child support checks.

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