Javi Marroquin's Messy Past: Why We're Not Surprised He Cheated on Lauren Comeau

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As you've likely heard by now, Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau have called it quits.

And this wasn't a case of the couple gradually drifting apart and deciding it would be better for both of them if they were single.

Far from it, in fact.

Lauren caught Javi cheating after he allegedly hooked up with an area single mom while she was sleeping upstairs!

Those who are not familiar with Javi's past might find that development shocking.

But sadly, the Teen Mom 2 star has a long, long history of mistreating the women in his life.

In case you forgot or managed to block it out, here's a brief look at Javi's messy relationship history:

1. Dodging a Bullet

Dodging a Bullet
Well, it's over between Javi and Lauren. And it ended in spectacularly ugly fashion. We're sure Comeau is pretty broken up about the way things transpired -- but really, she should be counting her lucky stars.

2. Folks, He's Bad

Folks, He's Bad
Without a doubt, Lauren is one of Javi's most pitiable victims -- they were engaged; they had a kid together; he cheated WHILE SHE WAS AT HOME -- but she's certainly not his first.

3. The OG

The OG
That title belongs to Kailyn Lowry, who introduced Javi to the world when he wooed her following her breakup from Jo Rivera.

4. Coattail Rider

Coattail Rider
Kail wasn't as famous then as she is now, but she was already making a name for herself as an MTV reality star -- Javi claimed he didn't know that.

5. Well, That Was a Damn Lie

Well, That Was a Damn Lie
Kail later learned that --shocker! -- Javi totally did know she was semi-famous.

6. Say It Ain't So

Say It Ain't So
Lowry has since said she suspects that Javi only pursued a relationship with her for fame.

7. The Long Con

The Long Con
That might sound crazy, considering they wound up getting married and having a kid together, but at this point, we're pretty much convinced that Javi is a narcissistic sociopath.

8. Then Came the Cheating

Then Came the Cheating
Things with Kail got serious in a hurry, but Javi has a hard time remaining faithful to his partners for very long. And by "very long," we mean they're lucky if he keeps it in his pants for a couple months.

9. Cheater In Qatar

Cheater In Qatar
Javi was in the Air Force during his time with Kail, and he spent some time stationed in Qatar -- where Lowry says he cheated repeatedly. This was just a few months into their marriage,

10. He Said, She Said

He Said, She Said
Javi also claims that Kail cheated on him while he was overseas. The difference is, we actually believe her.

11. Moving On

Moving On
Eventually, Kail came to her senses and kicked Javi to the curb. But it wasn't long before he made her pay by dating Briana DeJesus, Lowry's Teen Mom 2 co-star and longtime rival.

12. A Brief Romance

A Brief Romance
Javi and Bri weren't together for very long. In a refreshing change of pace, it seems she was using him in order to make Kail jealous.

13. Making It Count

Making It Count
Because of how short their relationship was, Javi didn't get to do much cheating on Bri. But when he did, it was a doozy.

14. Putting the Pieces Together

Putting the Pieces Together
You see, in between his relationships with Kail and Bri, Javi had a brief fling with a young Boston woman named Lauren Comeau whom he'd met at a wedding.

15. Major Overlap

Major Overlap
The two of them supposedly called it quits due to the whole long-distance thing (though Javi had no problem getting involved with Orlando-based Briana), but we now know that wasn't the case.

16. Coming to Her Senses

Coming to Her Senses
Briana eventually gave Javi the boot, but he came to Florida the week of her most recent plastic surgeries in hopes of winning her back by nursing her back to health.

17. Consolation Prize

Consolation Prize
It didn't work, but Javi had plenty to distract him from his heartbreak. You see, at this point, Lauren was already pregnant with his baby.

18. Yikes

Yes, as Bri confirmed on Twitter, Javi's unexpected hospital visit took place AFTER Lauren's conception date. And believe it or not, it gets worse ...

19. Blindsided

Kail Lowry later said she was also "blindsided" by the news of Lauren's pregnancy. The reason?

20. This Freakin' Guy

This Freakin' Guy
Well, it seems Lowry was, too, sleeping with Javi at the time.

21. Unreal

Yes, if you're keeping track at home, Javi was sleeping with Bri, Kail, and Lauren at the same time -- all unbeknownst to one another.

22. Who Else?

Who Else?
Javi embarked on several other relationships in this two-year span, as well. Was he still hooking up with Madison Channing Walls at this time? Who knows?!

23. Hard Times

Hard Times
We imagine it's not easy for Lauren to be reminded what a POS she had a kid with.

24. Mrs. Brightside

Mrs. Brightside
We say all of this not to drag her down, but to remind her how lucky she is that she didn't marry this guy.

25. Word to the Wise

Word to the Wise
Oh, and we'd also like to remind her that she should probably get tested. Your baby daddy gets around, girl.

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