Javi Marroquin's Messy Past: Why We're Not Surprised He Cheated on Lauren Comeau

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As you've likely heard by now, Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau have called it quits.

And this wasn't a case of the couple gradually drifting apart and deciding it would be better for both of them if they were single.

Far from it, in fact.

Lauren caught Javi cheating after he allegedly hooked up with an area single mom while she was sleeping upstairs!

Those who are not familiar with Javi's past might find that development shocking.

But sadly, the Teen Mom 2 star has a long, long history of mistreating the women in his life.

In case you forgot or managed to block it out, here's a brief look at Javi's messy relationship history:

1. Dodging a Bullet

Dodging a Bullet
Well, it's over between Javi and Lauren. And it ended in spectacularly ugly fashion. We're sure Comeau is pretty broken up about the way things transpired -- but really, she should be counting her lucky stars.

2. Folks, He's Bad

Folks, He's Bad
Without a doubt, Lauren is one of Javi's most pitiable victims -- they were engaged; they had a kid together; he cheated WHILE SHE WAS AT HOME -- but she's certainly not his first.

3. The OG

The OG
That title belongs to Kailyn Lowry, who introduced Javi to the world when he wooed her following her breakup from Jo Rivera.

4. Coattail Rider

Coattail Rider
Kail wasn't as famous then as she is now, but she was already making a name for herself as an MTV reality star -- Javi claimed he didn't know that.

5. Well, That Was a Damn Lie

Well, That Was a Damn Lie
Kail later learned that --shocker! -- Javi totally did know she was semi-famous.

6. Say It Ain't So

Say It Ain't So
Lowry has since said she suspects that Javi only pursued a relationship with her for fame.

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