Woman Annoyed Over Fellow Passenger Letting Himself Have it on Southwest Flight

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In a word? YIKES!

In another two words? EWWWW! GROSS!

Elly Shariat, the head of a PR agency, has gone viral for the nightmare she recently lived through while flying from Las Vegas to Philadelphia on board a Southwest airline.

The poor woman says the next to her was not only viewing adult entertainment while jetting through the apparently VERY friendly skies...

... he was also pleasuring himself to it.

For real!

Shariat live-Tweeted this nauseating scenario, including the response of Southwest when she made the company aware of what was taking place.

You may not want to, but you know you have to scroll down to read all about this incident:

1. Down with Southwest?

Down with Southwest?
It hasn't been the best run of late for Southwest, as one of the company's planes nearly killed everyone on board in April of 2018.

2. And Remember This Incident?

And Remember This Incident?
The airline once gave the boot to a famous musician for the type of pants he was wearing.

3. But This? This May Take the Really Terrible Cake

But This? This May Take the Really Terrible Cake
We just wanted to give you proper warning. Okay? Here we go...

4. One Man's Orgasmic Bliss...

One Man's Orgasmic Bliss...
... is another woman's biggest nightmare. Yes, we'd agree this is "an issue."

5. Maybe If He Had a Nice Eggplant?

Maybe If He Had a Nice Eggplant?
But that thing is tiny AF, Southwest. I don't want to be looking at it.

6. Come On Now!

Come On Now!
No way this happened, right? You know what that emoji stands for, right?

7. Southwest is on It, Though!

Southwest is on It, Though!
Really, this is nothing they ever want to see happen. Which may be the understatement of the century.

8. Any Other Ideas?

Any Other Ideas?
Yeah. I can't really move here. Did I mention the guy next to me who is jerking it?

9. Oh, Oops! Our Bad!

Oh, Oops! Our Bad!
Heather is totally listening to these concerns and not at all responding in the same way she would about any concern.

10. You Realize This is a Form of Assault, Right, Heather?

You Realize This is a Form of Assault, Right, Heather?
But, by all means, let's let the torture continue! Why not?!?

11. Why Didn't I Report it to The Authorities?

Why Didn't I Report it to The Authorities?
Good question, the victim replied to someone who asked this question, except... wait! I did!

12. God, You Suck Southwest

God, You Suck Southwest
Just a note for all future times someone complains that some perv is maturbating next to her: Do not respond with a form email.

13. Actually, You REALLY Suck

Actually, You REALLY Suck
Did you also see THIS STORY about a man who was harrassed while traveling with his he's in a mixed-race marriage?

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