Jade Cline vs. Ashley Jones: Brawl Breaks Out at Teen Mom 2 Reunion!

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Well, it wouldn't be a Teen Mom 2 reunion without the threat of violence, right?

Of course, to be fair to the show's original cast members, none of the OGs of Teen Mom 2 were involved in this year's fisticuffs.

No, this time, the throwdown was between Ashley Jones of Teen Mom Young and Pregnant and Jade Cline, the newest member of the TM2 family.

What were the ladies of Young and Pregnant even doing there, and did producers invite them to the reunion hoping for an altercation?

Join us as we dissect eyewitness accounts and commentary from a number of trusted sources in an effort to answer those questions and more:

1. The Combatants

The Combatants
Jade Cline and Ashley Jones nearly came to blows at this week's Teen Mom 2 reunion. And now, we've got the latest on exactly what went down between the former co-stars.

2. Casting For Conflict

Casting For Conflict
To be clear, MTV execs knew exactly what they were doing when they invited Ashley to the reunion.

3. Lingering Resentment

Lingering Resentment
Ashley has never gotten along with Jade, and she's made no secret of the fact that she's envious over her former co-star's Teen Mom 2 fame.

4. Reunion Rivals

Reunion Rivals
The entire Young and Pregnant cast took the stage at this year's Teen Mom 2 reunion, and according to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, things turned ugly in a hurry.

5. Sour Grapes

Sour Grapes
“The Young and Pregnant cast was asked how they felt about Jade joining ‘Teen Mom 2’ and everyone said they were happy for her, with the exception of Ashley, who declined to comment," says one source who was on hand for the taping.

6. Suuuuure

"After Dr. Drew pushed the question again, Ashley insisted that she was asked to join Teen Mom 2 first, but decided to turn it down," the insider adds.

7. Jade FTW

Jade FTW
Insiders say Ashley was never asked to join the cast, and Jade was the producers' top choice to replace Jenelle from the start. But did that pesky detail interfere with Jones' tantrum? You know it didn't ...

8. It Begins

It Begins
“Ashley started verbally attacking Jade and her family,” the witness says. Naturally, things escalated from there.

9. Kayla Intervenes

Kayla Intervenes
Fellow Young and Pregnant star Kayla Sessler attempted to control the situation by encouraging the ladies to move on to a new topic of conversation.

10. And She's Off ...

And She's Off ...
Ashley took this as Kayla's way of taking sides. It was at this point that Ashley got out of her seat and went after Jade, calling Jade's mom "a crack whore" during the attempted attack.

11. Ushered to Safety

Ushered to Safety
Jade was escorted off stage, and Ashley was removed by security shortly thereafter. But the situation was far from over ...

12. Relentless

“Ashley eventually rejoined the cast but again made a threatening comment directed at Kayla,” the source says.

13. And Transphobic

And Transphobic
“She also called Brianna Jaramillo fake and accused Jade of saying that Brianna was dating half-female half-male," the source continues.

14. Ashley Sucks

Ashley Sucks
(This appears to be a bigoted reference to the fact that Briana dated a transgender man during her time on the show.)

15. Yikes

“After being asked by Dr. Drew if she wanted to apologize for anything, Ashley said she was sorry for saying she’d spit in Kayla’s face, but she wasn’t sorry for what she said about her kids,” the tipster says.

16. The Wrath of Kayla

The Wrath of Kayla
“After realizing how much this got under Kayla’s skin, Ashley allegedly kept going until Kayla took her shoes off and stood up," the insider continues.

17. Saved By the Bell

Saved By the Bell
“That’s when security stepped in again,” the witness reveals. Probably a good thing for Ashley.

18. Still Not Done

Still Not Done
Ashley reportedly threatened to slap an audience member on her way out of the studio. Once she got back to the hotel, she challenged her co-stars to meet her in the lobby for a fight.

19. Keyboard Warrior

Keyboard Warrior
“I will beat you the f--k up. Period. You know my hotel number,” she wrote on her Instagram Story.

20. Mixed Messages

Mixed Messages
Interestingly, at the same time that she was posting threats to her co-stars, Ashley also attempted to play the victim, writing, “I hate that I’m always the bad guy,” she wrote. “I literally give so much support and love to people. But it’s always with me the short end of the stick.”

21. Kayla's Take

Kayla's Take
According to Kayla, none of the girls could have gone down to the lobby to fight Ashley even if they'd wanted to, as the security presence in the building that night was a strong one.

22. Clearing the Air

Clearing the Air
She also opened up about exactly why she and Ashley nearly fought, writing, "Due to the amount of harassment I’ve received online over false information, I have to clear up a few things. Ashley and I did NOT get into it over Jade. I was upset with Ashley because she brought up my kids. I feel like that was taking it too far. Before yesterday, Ashley and I had no problems.”

23. The Truth

The Truth
Kayla also revealed that the other girls reached out to her that night before filming so they could hash things out and avoid any on-stage drama -- but Ashley declined the invite.

24. Kail's Comments

Kail's Comments
Kail Lowry was apparently instrumental in helping the Young and Pregnant stars settle their beef -- and it seems she has no interest in playing referee again next year.

25. Biting the Hand That Feeds

Biting the Hand That Feeds
Kail also blamed the franchise's producers for setting up the conflict.

26. Ashley Never Stops

Ashley Never Stops
Jones echoed that sentiment -- but we can't help but think her comment misses the point of reality TV reunion shows.

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