Jackson Roloff Baby Photos: OMG! He's So Cute!

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Little People, Big World Spoiler Alert: 

Jackson Kyle Roloff is a cutie!

Correction: He's a cutie patootie!

The first child for Zach and Tori Roloff, Jackson was born on May 12, 2017 and made a few headlines at the time because his parents talked openly about his dwarfism.

You should click on the link above to read more about what Zach has to say, it's interesting stuff.

And you should click through the photos below for totally adorable snapshots of little Jackson!

1. Jackson Loves Mickey

Jackson Loves Mickey
Is this the cutest photo ever of little Jackson Kyle Roloff? It's gotta be a contender, right?

2. In His Crib

In His Crib
Little Jackson Roloff is just hanging out in his crib in this cute photo, which was shared online by his mother.

3. I'm So Good at Peeing!

I'm So Good at Peeing!
Wrote Zach Roloff as a caption to this photo of his son: "Hi my name is Jackson! I like peeing when dad and mom are changing my diaper, eating, and sleeping. They say I have TaG abilities."

4. Shhh...

.... the little guy is sleeping.

5. Daddy and Son

Daddy and Son
Zach holds his child in this still image from a video he made to update fans on Jackson's status.

6. Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure
Even Jacob Roloff stopped by to meet his nephew. The estranged Little People, Big World star shared this photo on Instagram.

7. A Seattle Seahawks Fan

A Seattle Seahawks Fan
His parents are getting his rooting interests hammered home early.

8. A Proud Father

A Proud Father
It's clear Zach has never felt this sort of pride and love before. All new fathers can relate.

9. He's Here!

He's Here!
This was one of the two photos Tori shared of her son on the day he entered the world.

10. And This Was the Other!

And This Was the Other!
What a perfect family portrait, right?

11. Meet Our Son

Meet Our Son
Tori and Zach then introduced their child officially to fans in a follow-up video for TLC.

12. Totally Passed Out

Totally Passed Out
It's tiring to be this cute!

13. With Grandpa!

With Grandpa!
This is the first grandchild for Matt Roloff. And he's gonna spoil the kid rotten!

14. The Actual First Photo

The Actual First Photo
Okay, technically, we admit THIS was the first photo of little Jackson. It's very cool and moving. But not exactly as cute as post-birth pictures, right?

15. Jackson at One Month

Jackson at One Month
Jackson Roloff is pictured here at one-month old. He's growing up so fast, don't you think?

16. With His Aunt

With His Aunt
Audrey Roloff cradles little nephew Jackson in this very cute Instagram photo.

17. Amy and Jackson

Amy and Jackson
Amy Roloff holds her grandchild in this sweet image. She shared it about a month about Jackson Kyle was born.

18. Matt Roloff and Grandchild

Matt Roloff and Grandchild
Matt Roloff poses here with his first-ever grandchild. How adorable is little Jackson Kyle?!?

19. Jackson Kyle

Jackson Kyle
It's Jackson Kyle Roloff! What an absolutely adorable close-up, right?

20. Roloff Family Photo

Roloff Family Photo
What a beautiful family photo. It was shared by Tori Roloff on Father's Day 2017.

21. Zach Roloff on the Big Day

Zach Roloff on the Big Day
Zach Roloff is all smiles in this photo for a good reason: he's cradling his first child, son Jackson!

22. Four Roloffs

Four Roloffs
We love this photo! It features Amy, Tori and Zach Roloff. And little Jackson, of course!

23. With Mommy

With Mommy
Tori Roloff joked in the caption for this photo that she's boring her son, Jackson. What a cute pic!

24. A Month Old!

A Month Old!
Jackson Roloff is celebrating a birthday in this photo. The little guy is one month old.

25. Go Timbers!

Go Timbers!
This may be the cutest photo of Jackson Kyle Roloff to date. He's attending a MLS game in Oregon.

26. Jackson the Ladies Man

Jackson the Ladies Man
Talk about a "Ladies Man!" That's what mother Tori Roloff wrote as a caption to this photo of her son.

27. The Very First Hold

The Very First Hold
Wow. This is a photo from the very first time Tori Roloff held her son, Jackson. How special.

28. In a Bowtie!

In a Bowtie!
Well, this is downright precious! At just over a month old, little Jackson Roloff is rocking a bowtie!

29. His First Fourth

His First Fourth
Tori Roloff and Jackson Roloff would like to wish you a happy Fourth of July in this photo. It's so adorable!

30. Into the Pool!

Into the Pool!
Jackson Roloff is looks to sort of be enjoying this dip in the pool with his parents in July of 2017.

31. Jackson in a Hat

Jackson in a Hat
We love you, Jackson Roloff! And we love how this hat looks on top of your cute head!

32. Put Your Hands Up!

Put Your Hands Up!
Matt Roloff shared this photo of little Jackson on his Facebook page in the summer of 2017. What a cutie pie!

33. The Stud Muffin

The Stud Muffin
What a "stud muffin." That is what Matt Roloff wrote about his grandson in this photo caption.

34. At 2 Months

At 2 Months
Jackson Roloff is two months old in this photo. And he's doing very well for himself, according to his mom.

35. Grandpa and Grandson

Grandpa and Grandson
AWWW! We love it! Matt Roloff is playing with his tiny grandchild, Jackson Roloff, in this photo.

36. Happy Grandpa and Grandson

Happy Grandpa and Grandson
Matt Roloff clearly adores his grandchild. Check out this precious Facebook photo of him and little Jackson.

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