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This morning’s Bachelor in Paradise scandal is so salacious ridiculous, we had no idea how to title our article in its aftermath …

… and these 13 rejected ideas for headlines just had to be preserved somehow. Because Corinne. And Because DeMario.

If you missed it, Bachelor in Paradise shut down filming when producers complained about a sex act between the two stars.

Corinne, from Nick’s season of The Bachelor, and DeMario, from Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette, got. it. on. Hardcore.

Too hardcore for producers, who reportedly sent the ENTIRE cast home amid reports that she forced oral sex on him. Really.

There was nudity and “fingering” involved … and Jackson reportedly couldn’t perform for a number of reasons. Or so we hear.

Follow the link above for the (disputed) details, then scroll down for all the different ways we could’ve/should’ve headlined it.