Grey's Anatomy Fans, Stars React to Epic Finale

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Now THAT'S what we call a season finale!

And, incredibly, that's what we call a happy season finale.

On Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 24, Sarah Drew said goodbye as April and Jessica Capshaw said goodbye as Arizona.

But did the series kill off these character, as it has killed off so many before them?

Scroll down for a summary of these sad farewells and then for a rundown of how various stars and fans have reacted to the shocking developments from the finale...

1. A Double Farewell

A Double Farewell
With Capshaw and Drew's firing announced weeks ago, fans were prepared for the worst. This is Grey's, after all, so everyone assumed the characters themselves would be terminated. Literally.

2. How Did April Leave?

How Did April Leave?
But... shocked! The show did not kill April off last week. Following her near-death experience, April chose to quit her job to do "God’s work," helping the homeless.

3. And Then!

And Then!
After Jo and Alex’s wedding was a disaster, Matthew actually got down on one knee and proposed! And April said YES!

4. And From There!

And From There!
The couple didn’t just get engaged. They decided to get married right then and right there... with Jackson (Jesse Williams, pictured here) and Arizona there to watch and support them.

5. What About Arizona?

What About Arizona?
This one was a little bit less shocking, as Arizona realized how unhappy her daughter was in Seattle and chose to move to New York so the young girl to be closer to Callie.

6. Wait... Callie?!?

Wait... Callie?!?
Yup. Sarah Ramirez did NOT appear on the finale, but Arizona hinted strongly that she'd be open to a reconciliation.

7. How Sweet It Was

How Sweet It Was
While the episode aired, and then as soon as it ended, the tributes came pouring in. Such as this one from creator Shonda Rhimes.

8. And This One From Ellen Pompeo:

And This One From Ellen Pompeo:
"Over the last 14 seasons I’ve cried many tears on screen and off. This show has brought me so much joy and so much laughter but truth be told it has never been easy. This year was no different. Saying goodbye to characters, cast mates, friends is always very hard regardless of the circumstance."

9. Drew Was Active on Twitter Throughout the Episode

Drew Was Active on Twitter Throughout the Episode
We've watched this GIF like 17 times this morning.

10. AWWW!

She also shared this amazing photo of various Grey's Anatomy cast members, writing: "It was such a joy to get to spend my final week on the show with almost everyone in the cast in a gorgeous location in Malibu. We laughed SO much, Goofed off WAY too much, and had our fare share of hugs and tears."

11. A Few Words from Jesse Williams

A Few Words from Jesse Williams
"Just a fond farewell to my friends…Tonight’s #SeasonFinale #GreysAnatomymarks the final episode for two of the best to ever do it: @theSarahDrew & @JessicaCapshaw," he wrote in the caption.

12. But... Wait!

But... Wait!
Teddy also showed up from Germany... and declared to a patient that she's pregnant!

13. Fans Had a Few Reactions to This Shocker

Fans Had a Few Reactions to This Shocker
Just a few...

14. They Weren't All Positive

They Weren't All Positive
Come on now. Did you really not expect a crazy cliffhanger from Grey's Anatomy?!?

15. This Person Did

This Person Did
Now this response is more like it! Thank you!

16. And Thank YOU, Chris Pratt

And Thank YOU, Chris Pratt
The movie star is as shocked by this development as we were. Did NOT see it coming, folks!

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