The Bachelorette Season 14: Who Are Becca's Men?

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It's early, but The Bachelorette spoilers are already coming in, and we have a few juicy details to report:

  1. We actually know the identity of the four men who will advance to the final quartet on Season 14. 
  2. All 28 men who will be competing this year are very handsome!

We learned the first fact from extensive research and the second from ogling the photos below.

Indeed, ABC has released the official portraits of every suitor on Season 14, many of whom Chris Harrison describes as athletic and one who says he works as a "social media participant."

We're as confused as you are by this.

But this is your chance to scroll down and then all around to meet Becca's men, choose a favorite and read a few things Harrison has to say about them:

1. Alex, 31

Alex, 31
This Tom Brady lookalike (sort of? A bit?) works as a construction manager and lives in Atlanta.

2. Blake, 28

Blake, 28
A sales rep from Colorado, Blake rode in on a horse and surprised Becca on the After the Rose special.

3. Chase, 27

Chase, 27
Chris Harrison says Chase is involved in "drama" on a frequent basis. He works in advertising and lives in Florida.

4. Chris R., 30

Chris R., 30
A sales trainer, according to his official ABC bio, who also lives in Florida. Beware of Florida men in general, Becca.

5. Christian, 28

Christian, 28
A banker from San Diego, Christian is very much into soccer, along with other sports.

6. Christon, 31

Christon, 31
Whoa! He's a member of the Harlem Globetrotters! He hails from Los Angeles and is clearly great at basketball.

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