Ryan Edwards: Caught Using Heroin AGAIN?!

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Over the past year, Ryan Edwards' struggles with heroin addiction have been well-documented, both on Teen Mom OG and in the tabloid headlines.

There have been brief periods of hope, such as when Edwards checked into rehab shortly after marrying Mackenzie Standifer.

Unfortunately, there's been more cause for concern than optimism, and the latest news about Ryan certainly doesn't offer much encouragement. 

Despite the fact that any violation of his probation could result in a lengthy prison sentence, it seems Edwards is definitely using again.

Here's what we know so far ...

1. Another Rock Bottom

Another Rock Bottom
Ryan has been trapped in a seemingly never-ending downward spiral in recent months. Last month, he was arrested for a probation violation stemming from a 2017 arrest for heroin possession.

2. A Rough Year

A Rough Year
News of the arrest came on the heels of a string of legal headaches for Edwards. His wife, Mackenzie Standifer, and her husband, Taylor McKinney, were both recently granted restraining orders against Edwards after it was revealed that Ryan threatened to shoot Taylor in the head.

3. A Crushing Blow

A Crushing Blow
This means, of course, that Ryan will not be permitted to see his son, 9-year-old Bentley, unless Maci requests that the restraining order be lifted or allows it to expire.

4. The Hits Keep Coming

The Hits Keep Coming
All of this occurred within a few weeks of Ryan getting caught cheating on his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, for the second time.

5. Triggered

It's not hard to see how all of this might have triggered a relapse. For weeks, Ryan has been laying low, and fans have been expressing concerns about his health. Now, it seems their worst fears have been confirmed.

6. Sad News

Sad News
According to Radar Online, new evidence that Ryan is back on heroin has emerged and the reality star's loved ones now fear for his life.

7. An Unlikely Source

An Unlikely Source
News of Ryan's relapse was first reported on Kailyn Lowry's Coffee Convos podcast, which she co-hosts with Lindsie Chrisley.

8. A Terrible Photo

A Terrible Photo
"Someone sent us a message talking about how they spotted Ryan Edwards in Chattanooga," Chrisley said. "It's this terrible photo."

9. A Troubling Sight

A Troubling Sight
"He did look like he was sleeping," Chrisley continued. "Not quite sure what was going on there."

10. Off the Wagon

Off the Wagon
Chrisley proceeded to read a description of Ryan's state written by the anonymous tipster who snapped the photo.

11. A Discouraging Report

A Discouraging Report
"Ryan Edwards so f--ked up in Chattanooga this weekend with Mackenzie and his parents that he could barely hold his head up," the informant wrote.

12. A Sorry State

A Sorry State
"Face was either in his hands or his eyes were rolled back in his head the entire five hours," the onlooker claims.

13. Full-Blown Relapse

Full-Blown Relapse
The fact that Ryan was intoxicated in public and in the presence of his wife and parents has led some to the conclusion that he was "merely" drunk and not on heroin.

14. An Environment of Enabling?

An Environment of Enabling?
Addicts are generally encouraged to steer clear of all mind-altering substances, but Ryan's parents and wife have demonstrated a willingness to look the other way when Ryan drinks heavily, such as when he got drunk at his "makeup wedding" to Mackenzie.

15. And Then There Was the First Wedding...

And Then There Was the First Wedding...
As TMOG fans know, Ryan and Mackenzie got married a second time because he was so high at their first wedding that he passed out while driving to the church.

16. The Repercussions

The Repercussions
Of course, if Ryan is getting intoxicated on ANY substance, he could be facing major legal ramifications.

17. Mounting Problems

Mounting Problems
Ryan is still on probation, and he's currently trying to win back the right to supervised visits with Bentley. Both of those matters require him to stay sober in order to meet with a positive outcome.

18. Growing Responsibilities

Growing Responsibilities
All of this comes on the heels of news that Mackenzie is pregnant with Ryan's second child. Obviously, Edwards is at a crossroads, and sadly, it seems those who know him best are seeing little reason to be optimistic ...

19. Last Chance

Last Chance
Many believe that this is the 30-year-old's last opportunity to redeem himself. Sadly, the latest news on Ryan out of Chattanooga is less than encouraging. Here's hoping he's able to find the help he needs before it's too late.

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