Game of Thrones Photos: Bring It On, White Walkers!

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It is about to be on, Game of Thrones fans.

And we know the question on everyone's mind at the moment:

Who is about to be killed off?!?

Following Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2, which featured many quiet and emotional moments between characters who believe they are in the verge of death, Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 will deliver all the action you could ever want.

And, all long-time viewers presume, all the deaths ever.

Who will die? Who will survive the Battle of Winterfell?

As we wait to find out, click around the photos down below to get your first look at the chaos and violence to come...

1. And... Here... We... Go

And... Here... We... Go
Sansa is in the crypt here as all of Winterfell prepares for the ultimate battle on Game of Thrones.

2. Old Friends Come Together

Old Friends Come Together
Not the best fighters in Westeros, Tyrion and Varys are likely to survive this impending battle. Probably, right?

3. Are We Ready for This?

Are We Ready for This?
Dany and Jon must put their ancestry aside and focus on the rather important task at hand: Defeating the White Walkers. Yikes!

4. Oh God!

Oh God!
GULP! Jon Snow doesn't look overly confident about the battle in this scene from the episode, does he?

5. Jaime and Brienne on the Battlefield

Jaime and Brienne on the Battlefield
They made us cry with their knighting last week. But now Jaime and Brienne just need to stay along.

6. The Sansa Stare

The Sansa Stare
Sansa is staring daggers at someone in this Game of Thrones photo. She's sort of scaring us here.

7. The Preview is Here!

Click above to check out the official HBO trailer for the biggest battle in TV history.

8. Who is Most Likely to Die?

Who is Most Likely to Die?
We have to go through the most obvious candidates, right? We rank Greyworm first after he vowed to take Missandei to the beach after his fighting days are over. Come on, dude!

9. The Next More Obvious Candidate?

The Next More Obvious Candidate?
Theon. His death would complete his character redemption arc -- and why would they have him return to Winterfell unless they wanted to kill him off?

10. Jorah

We love this guy. Who doesn't, right? But it seems very likely he'll die by using his father's sword to defend Dany.

11. Tormund

He made the most of his time in the spotlight last week, didn't he? Which probably means they were setting him up to die, perhaps while saving Brienne.

12. Davos

It certainly seems like his time is up, especially considering he's an admittedly poor fighter. Darn.

13. Jaime?!?

This appears to be the most likely of all the truly main characters to kick the bucket. It would also complete his character redemption arc, right? But we think Jaime sticks around to murder Cersei.

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