Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Trailer: The Battle is Here!

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For our money, the first two episodes of Game of Thrones Season 8 are among the strongest the show has ever delivered.

Characters being united for the first time in years, other major figures from disparate storylines crossing paths for the very first time, stirring tales of breastfeeding from giants ... these past two installments had everything!

Except, of course, for epic battle scenes -- a fact that's very much to the chagrin of some viewers.

GoT Jon

But grab your dragonglass and fortify your courage with a big sip from Tormund's drinking horn, because it's about to go down in a major way!

Yes, following seven-plus seasons of intense build-up, the Night King is about to arrive at Winterfell.

It's about to begin -- the war that fans have been waiting for since those poor Night's Watch randos encountered a pack of White Walkers in the very scene of the GoT pilot.

And it's a safe bet that lots of people are about to die.

GoT Brienne

As for predictions -- well, GoT traffics in surprises, and we know better than to presume we have any idea what's in store.

That being said, Brienne and Arya are both fan favorites who enjoyed life-changing milestone moments Sunday night, and you know how this show likes to rip away any shred of happiness (both ours and the characters).

Oh, and not only did Bran just tell someone his life story -- always a good sign that a character is next on the chopping block -- the Night King is his number one nemesis, and it's easy to imagine him sacrificing himself for to save mankind.

GoT Tyrion

Anyway, the one thing we know for sure is that this episode is certain to satisfy those who complained about the lack of sword-swinging in the previous installments.

In fact, it's looking like this one will be a wall-to-wall action episode, a la "The Watchers on the Wall" and "The Battle of the Bastards."

Budget-wise, we've come a long way since Tyrion missed the entirety of Season 1'sĀ Battle of the Whispering Wood after suffering a conveniently-timed bump on the head.

GoT Dany

Of course, it's looking like the action will take place entirely at Winterfell at night, so turn up the brightness on your screen before watching this preview.

As for the actual episode, you may encounter a different sort of visual obstacle.

It might be tough to see through the tears you'll be crying when characters you've been cheering on for the better part of a decade are mercilessly cut down by the undead.

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