Jenelle Evans Is Barely on Teen Mom 2 Anymore: She's Not Getting Paid the Same, Is She?!

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If you've been watching Teen Mom 2 lately, you know that Jenelle Evans is having quite a season.

And for all the drama she's been involved with, the thing that's really stood out about Jenelle these past few months is her absence.

Yes, for the first time in the show's history, Teen Mom 2 delivered an entire episode without a single scene featuring Jenelle.

And Monday's episode saw Evans literally phoning in her scenes -- appearing on screen only in a FaceTime phone call with a producer and in a self-made video she posted to Instagram.

Jenelle was unpopular before all of this, and now that she seems to be getting paid for doing literally nothing, fans are dying to know how much more her bosses are willing to put up with.

Fortunately, The Ashley's Reality Roundup has the answers to all of your Jenelle-related questions.

Take a look:

1. Missing In Action

Missing In Action
Unless you count her brief phone call with Kristen on Monday's installment (and we don't) Jenelle has now been completely absent from two episodes this season.

2. The David Factor

The David Factor
Ever since David Eason got fired from Teen Mom 2 last year, it's been difficult for the crew to film Jenelle without putting Eason on camera.

3. What a Guy

What a Guy
And of course, David has gone out of his way to make all of this even more difficult, reportedly stalking the set and behaving in a threatening fashion toward the crew.

4. We Should've Seen This Coming

We Should've Seen This Coming
On Monday's episode, David finally made it impossible for producers to continue filming Jenelle by issuing a threat. MTV apprised fans of the situation with this text screen.

5. Unbelievable ... Even For Him

Unbelievable ... Even For Him
The first thing fans wanted to know was -- did David really jeopardize his wife's employment like this?

6. 'Fraid So

'Fraid So
Believe it or not, this actually happened. The Ashley first reported on it back in February, and Jenelle insisted she was lying.


Jenelle insisted that David would never interfere with production, as he “doesn’t care enough.” Jenelle lying? Who would've thought?!?!

8. Nothing New

Nothing New
Amazingly, David is still at it. The Ashley's sources confirm he texted Jenelle constantly while she was filming this year's reunion episode in hopes of distracting her from filming.

9. But Why?

But Why?
Why would David try to ruin his wife's cushy six-figure gig with his immature tantrums?

10. Fragile Masculinity?

Fragile Masculinity?
Some believe David simply can't stand for his wife to be the breadwinner, which is entirely possible.

11. Manchild

Of course, it's equally likely that he's still just pitching a fit over the fact that he got fired.

12. Messing With Her Money

Messing With Her Money
Of course, two of the most common complaints about Jenelle is that she's constantly antagonizing the producers who made her rich and famous, and that she doesn't deserve her spot on the show.

13. Jenelle's Payday

Jenelle's Payday
So does she still get paid when her idiot husband makes it impossible for Jenelle to appear on the show? Well, yes and no ...

14. Breaking It Down

Breaking It Down
According to The Ashley, cast members are paid if they appear on camera in any way, or even if their voice is used in a phone call specifically recorded for the show.

15. Making It Work

Making It Work
In other words, that phone call to producers was enough to earn Jenelle her usual rate for an episode. But she was not paid for the episode in which she did not appear on camera (and rumor has it, she'll be missing from at least one more this season).

16. Her Old Kentucky Home

Her Old Kentucky Home
During Jenelle and David's fake breakup earlier this year, Jenelle planned a trip to Kentucky to visit a friend.

17. A Pleasure to Work With

A Pleasure to Work With
Unfortunately, Jenelle "reconciled" with David and canceled the trip -- after a crew had already been set up to film her in Kentucky. It's anyone's guess as to whether or not she really has a friend there.

18. Picking Up the Tab

Picking Up the Tab
The Ashley says that when Jenelle does travel, MTV foots the bill for everything except booze. Probably a good call there.

19. All Filler, No Killer

All Filler, No Killer
As for why MTV spent so much time rehashing Jenelle's feud with Amber Portwood on Monday, The Ashley says it's because they were desperate for material to flesh out Evans' storyline,

20. Nate the Great

Nate the Great
Ditto the Nathan segment. Sources say Jenelle has been trying to convince producers to stop filming Nathan -- but she's simply not giving them enough material on her own.

21. One Thing After Another

One Thing After Another
“They are still filming with Nathan, but now they have to do it behind Jenelle’s back or she will flip out and refuse to film again," says the insider.

23. Still Going Strong

Still Going Strong
Amazingly, it seems Jenelle is still employed, and MTV has every intention of filming her for Season 9B.

24. Begrudging Praise

Begrudging Praise
We suppose that's no great surprise. Say what you will about the woman, she knows how to bring the drama.

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