David Eason Calls Kailyn Lowry Fat; She Claps Back In Unforgettable Fashion

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David Eason has a history of bullying ... well, just about everyone who crosses his path.

Usually, he punches down, preferring conflicts with those who are unable or unwilling to fight back.

But it seems he didn't know what he was getting into when he decided to attack Kailyn Lowry.

Eason and Lowry have been feuding for years, and the conflict took an ugly turn this week.

Fortunately, Kail is equipped to handle these situations.

Take a look:

1. Desperate Dave

Desperate Dave
Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2 over a year ago, but he clings to relevance by attacking Kail and other well-liked cast members.

2. The Heel

The Heel
This rarely works out in David's favor, but he seems to enjoy playing the role of the villain.

3. Silver Lining?

Silver Lining?
If there's an upside to all of this, it's that David can do less damage bullying his wife's co-workers on social media than he can bullying his wife and the kids in his care in real life.

4. Preferred Target

Preferred Target
For some reason, David has zeroed in on Kail as his favorite victim lately.

5. A Complex History

A Complex History
Sure, Kail and Jenelle are friends-turned-enemies, but David's dislike for Lowry seems to go beyond his wife's feud.

6. Just Sayin'

Just Sayin'
If we were Kail, we might be a bit concerned about David's obvious obsession with Kail and her appearance, but what do we know?

7. Round ... We Lost Count

Round ... We Lost Count
The latest salvo came in response to this innocent pic Kail posted with her kids.

8. Family Moment

Family Moment
Kail captioned the photo, "Spring break 2019!" Most of the comments focused on her kids and how happy she seems. But not David's ...

9. Obsessed

David reposted the photo on his Instagram Story and wrote over it, “I’m sorry but there is nothing stunning about being overweight."

10. David Eason, Health Nut

David Eason, Health Nut
“How about promoting a healthy lifestyle instead of making it seem okay to be unhealthy," he added.

11. He Went There

He Went There
David took things a step further when he shared this photo of Jenelle on Instagram.

12. Let It Go, Bro

Let It Go, Bro
He captioned the pic, "This is what you call stunning" in an obvious reference to Kail's photo.

13. The Clap Back

The Clap Back
The response to David's pic was swift and unbelievably brutal.

14. Cringe Factory

Cringe Factory
We have no interest in joining the dogpile, but suffice it to say, fans had a LOT to say about Jenelle's fashion sense ... as well as her physique.

15. Keeping It Classy

Keeping It Classy
Kail responded to David's harassment, too -- but to his credit, she didn't join in body-shaming Jenelle.

16. Wicked Burn

Wicked Burn
“I can change my body. He can’t change who he is," Kail responded.

17. Simple But Effective

Simple But Effective
She later responded to the fact that David is clearly trying to draw her into a messy war of words.

18. Calling It Like She Sees It

Calling It Like She Sees It
“If you expect me to do what you would do, you’re gonna end up disappointed," she wrote.

19. Knows He's Been Beat?

Knows He's Been Beat?
Remarkably, David has yet to respond to Kail's latest burn.

20. He Finally Gets It

He Finally Gets It
David is no scholar, but with the total lack of support he's receiving online, even he probably realizes he lost this one.

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