Farrah Abraham Upgrading Vagina Again For New Boyfriend

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For someone who's never held a real job, Farrah Abraham stays very busy.

In fact, she's pretty much always on the move, husting or grinding etc.

Farrah travels the globe (allegedly as an escort, but that's a conversation for another day); she maintains various side gigs to keep a roof over her head; and of course, she's always going under the knife to alter her appearance.

Lately, it's not Farrah's face or breasts that are receiving the most attention.

Instead, it's a part of her anatomy that's equally important to her livelihood.

Yes, Farrah loves vaginal rejuvenation surgeries, and she just underwent her third in the past three months.

And we think we know why she's so fixated on maintaining a flawless vadge.

Take a look:

1. Farrah's Fixation

Farrah's Fixation
Farrah Abraham has always been fixated on her appearance. And these days, she's downright obsessed with sculpting her genitals with never-ending surgical procedures.

2. Say Hello to Her Little Friend

Say Hello to Her Little Friend
Yes, Farrah took to Instagram this week to reveal that she had gone back under the knife for her third vaginal rejuvenation in three months.

3. A Regular Comic Genius

A Regular Comic Genius
Farrah used a lot of cat imagery in her Instagram Story on the subject. Get it? Yeah, you get it.

4. Spare Us the Details

Spare Us the Details
Thankfully, Farrah doesn't go into too much detail about what exactly nipped or tucked or scraped or sucked or whatever during the procedure.

5. New Year, New Va-Jay-Jay

New Year, New Va-Jay-Jay
But she's not shy about the fact that this is her third time visiting the same doctor since December.

6. WTH Is Going On Here?

WTH Is Going On Here?
So either the procedure is really, really effective -- or it's not effective at all, and Farrah is just being conned out of her money.

7. Free Hoo-Hah Treatments

Free Hoo-Hah Treatments
The latter theory has gained traction in recent weeks, but it's possible that Farrah's vadge sessions are completely free of charge.

8. Can't Knock the Hustle

Can't Knock the Hustle
In fact, she might be getting paid for these Instagram posts in which she waxes poetic about the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation.

9. Always On Her Grind

Always On Her Grind
After all, there's a reason she's always offering promo codes and gushing about how great her doctor is. "Gushing" might have been the wrong word to use there.

10. Hard Times

Hard Times
After all, these are tough times for Farrah's bank account. Remember her frozen yogurt chain Froco?

11. Ouch

Yeah, that's one of four business ventures that she's been forced to shut down over the past five years.

12. Getting Desperate

Getting Desperate
Yes, things haven't been easy for Ms. Abraham in the two years since she got fired from Teen Mom OG. Fortunately, she has one revenue stream that never ... um, dries up.

13. Stream Queen

Stream Queen
Farrah has made a ton of money working as a cam girl, and, yes, many fans are convinced she's also raking in dough as a high-class prostitute.

14. A Likely Theory

A Likely Theory
That would explain why she's always traveling the globe for "work" but never seems to take any photos of the projects she's working on.

15. Just Sayin'

Just Sayin'
We're not saying Farrah doesn't have a job to do when she gets to these exotic locales -- they just might not be the kind of "jobs" you can document on Instagram.

16. Synergy

So in a sense, getting paid to undergo all these vaginal rejuvenations constitutes some sound financial planning on Farrah's part.

17. Prudent Planning

Prudent Planning
She gets a nice payday for her promotional efforts, and she's keeping her moneymaker in working order.

18. A New Development

A New Development
Of course, these days, Farrah has a new boyfriend named Daniel Ishag, and as many fans have pointed out, she might undergoing all these procedures for his sake.

19. Don't Get It Twisted

Don't Get It Twisted
But it's important to bear in mind that if Farrah is dating this guy, he must be loaded.

20. Always Earning

Always Earning
So either way it's a business decision, and Farrah's mind is on her money when her lady bits are on the surgical table.

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