Jenelle Evans: Officially Back with David Eason?!

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Some of us saw this coming from a mile away.

Others just hoped against hope that maybe she'd somehow managed to gain a little bit of sense.

But here we are, a little over three months after Jenelle Evans announced her plans to divorce David Eason, and it's becoming increasinly clear that they're back together.


Yeah, so is everyone.

But let's check out the latest development, which we're pretty sure is the nail in the coffin of their divorce.

1. What a History

What a History
Jenelle and David were awful together. Truly just one of the worst couples in the history of Teen Mom, and that's really saying something.

2. Ugh

David was so bad that Jenelle's mother said that he was the worst boyfriend she ever had -- remember, Jenelle also dated a guy who got her into heroin and a guy who she alleged strangled her with a bedsheet.

3. Gross

From the beginning, he seemed way too controlling, and of course we knew about his criminal history right away, including the accusations of domestic violence from a former girlfriend.

4. Poor Kid

Poor Kid
Then came the many stories about David being abusive towards Kaiser -- Nathan and his mother, Doris, claimed on several occasions that he'd been violent with him.

5. Oh No

Oh No
Things got so bad that Nathan actually shared photos of bruises all over Kaiser's backside and said that he'd told him that David had done it. Jenelle refuted those claims and said that Nathan was the one who did it, so at least they agreed that poor Kaiser was getting abused somewhere.

6. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
Before too long, we started hearing that he was violent with Jenelle, too. In the fall of 2018, she called 911 and told the operator through sobs that he'd knocked her down so hard she thought he broke her collarbone.

7. Yikes

Shortly after that, things took a bit of a turn when the Secret Service investigated him after he seemingly threatened to kill the president. Remember that?

8. RIP Nugget

RIP Nugget
And just a few months after that was when David brutally killed Jenelle's French bulldog puppy, Nugget. Some sources said that he beat the dog before shooting it, others said that the event was so gruesome that after it was done he was absolutely covered in blood, but we do know that he killed the poor dog, and that's bad enough all on its own.

9. Good

It was so bad that police opened an investigation and let CPS know about the situation -- and bad enough that CPS made the call to remove Kaiser, Ensley, and Maryssa from the home.

10. Unfortunate

Nothing came of any of it though. The investigation was closed because they couldn't find any evidence, and a judge ordered the kids to be returned to David and Jenelle despite everything.

11. Hold Up

Hold Up
Oh, we forgot to mention that David had been fired from Teen Mom 2 a couple of years ago for being a homophobic jackass, but this was what ultimately ended up costing Jenelle her spot on the show.

12. But WHY?

But WHY?
So he killed her dog, cost her her extremely high-paying job, nearly got her children taken away from her, and allegedly abuses at least one of them when they are around. What's the appeal?

13. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
Sometime last fall, he lost it -- on Halloween, Jenelle made a statement on Instagram to announce her plans to divorce him.

14. A Miracle

A Miracle
She took Ensley and Kaiser and moved to Nashville, got an apartment, and a restraining order.

15. Interesting

When she requested the restraining order, she admitted that he'd been abusive towards her and the kids several times over the past few years. She even said that she feared for her life after leaving him.

16. Hey, Herb!

Hey, Herb!
She even got a new boyfriend, a guy in Boston named Herb. It really did look like she was totally done with David.

17. Here We Go

Here We Go
Unfortunately, that didn't seem to last for long.

18. Bad Moves

Bad Moves
First, she broke up with Herb -- or he stopped talking to her, or it was never really that serious, it depends on who you ask. Then she dropped the restraining order because she wanted Ensley to be able to have a relationship with her father.

19. So It Begins

So It Begins
Then she and David were spotted walking around Nashville together with Ensley -- she insisted it was just a co-parenting thing.

20. Hmmm

Then she shared a video in which she was clearly wearing her engagement ring again -- she'd taken it off for a while.

21. Sure

When she did her big YouTube Q&A a couple of weeks ago, she answered a few questions about David because people had already started getting suspicious, and again, she insisted she was single.

22. Suspicious

But last weekend, Jenelle showed up in a photo with her best friend, Tori, and the backdrop to the picture was unsettlingly familiar -- it looked an awful lot like Jenelle's old bathroom back home on the swamp.

23. Such a Roller Coaster

Such a Roller Coaster
However, that's not what we're talking about today. Because after that, Jenelle was spotted back in Nashville.



25. Noooo

Yep, TMZ got a photo of Jenelle with David last night -- but instead of spending time together with Ensley, they were kid-free at a bar called Aldean's.

26. For What Reason?

For What Reason?
It's a little odd since her whole reasoning for spending time with David before was because she thought it was best for Ensley ... but how exactly does hanging out at a bar, throwing back drinks, benefit Ensley?

27. Of Course

Of Course
TMZ says that they also had dinner together on Friday night -- no mention of any of the kids being with them then, either.

28. So Much Disappointment

So Much Disappointment
It really does look like they're back together, right? Again, if they were spending time together for Ensley, you'd think Ensley would actually be around.

29. Tragic

As one person summed up the situation on Twitter by saying "This was always the inevitable conclusion despite the masses of people thinking she had 'changed.' Jenelle left for the possibility MTV or anything else would come down the road but she’s damaged goods and incapable of change or growth. David is her only option."

30. Ouch

Someone else put it a little more succinctly, tweeting "She’s the dumbest ever. She’s never gonna learn."

31. Here's Hoping

Here's Hoping
Whatever's going on, we hope Jenelle and her kids stay safe. Really, we hope that this is all a nightmare and that when we wake up, Jenelle will have gained common sense and parenting skills and self worth, but at this point, we'll just take what we can get.

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