Farrah Abraham Looks More Plastic Than Ever in These Red Carpet Photos

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This not exactly just in:

Farrah Abraham had undergone a tremendous amount of plastic surgery.

This has never exactly been a secret, as the reality star has talked often about going under the knife.

But she appears less recognizable than almost ever before, confusing and scaring fans with her appearance in recent videos and in recent photos.

The latest case in point?

Farrah stopping by something called BeautyCon in Los Angeles and looking rather... unique on the red carpet.

See what we mean below.

1. Rocking a Red Carpet

Rocking a Red Carpet
Farrah and young Sophia Abraham attend Beautycon Los Angeles 2019 at the Los Angeles Convention Center on August 10, 2019.

2. Wait, She Brought Sophia?

Wait, She Brought Sophia?
D'uh! Is this your first time ever meeting Farrah or something? She takes her kid everywhere.

3. Is This Healthy?

Is This Healthy?
Probably not. Yes, mother/daughter time is always a good thing, but should a very young woman really be made out this way and exposed to Hollywood in this way?

4. But Back to Farrah...

But Back to Farrah...
We're not the only ones taken aback by her appearance these days. Upon quick glance, we'd swear this is a mannequin.

5. What are Fans Saying?

What are Fans Saying?
One user wrote on Reddit, "She looks like a completely different person."

6. Added Another User:

Added Another User:
"I hope for Farrah it’s only Botox and it wears out over time." And another: "Oh my gosh I wouldn’t have recognized Farrah!"

7. What Did Farrah Discuss at BeautyCon?

What Did Farrah Discuss at BeautyCon?
Not her alleged plastic surgery, that's for sure. She actually spoke out instead about Amber Portwood.

8. For Real?

For Real?
Yup! "For Amber, my message would be, ‘I wish you all the best and I know how that feels, I understand,'" she told Hollywood Life.

9. You Go, Girl!

You Go, Girl!
Continued Farrah: "I’m empathetic to what she’s going through but I really really hope that she can be alone, go solo, be a solo girl and be that strong independent fierce woman that I know is inside of her and who can easily have two kids on her own."

10. Should Amber Stick with Andrew Glennon?

Should Amber Stick with Andrew Glennon?
Heck no, Farrah says: “They’ve definitely probably splitted ways after that. I can only imagine, this is her second go round of her losing custody of a child and I’m sure that’s not taken lightly.”

11. As for Herself and Sophia?

As for Herself and Sophia?
Farrah, for all her many faults, has never been accused of ignoring her daughter or putting her in any real danger.

12. She Just Dresses Her Up a Lot, Basically

She Just Dresses Her Up a Lot, Basically
“I would hope that Sophia can express herself however she wants in a safe and happy place,” Farrah said at this same event when asked about all the makeup her child wears. “She doesn’t need to feel ashamed for wearing makeup at any age. It’s normal, it’s healthy, it’s beautiful, it’s great.”

13. Even More About Makeup!

Even More About Makeup!
“It’s a good time to teach her about cleaning her face and good skincare with it, which I really love,” she added, while standing alongside a dolled-up Sophia on the red carpet. “As a mom, I just want to set her up for success.”

14. Success is Good...

Success is Good...
... but if Farrah defines success as someone starring on a MTV reality show and then a series of amateur pornographic videos online, well, that is bad.

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