Farrah Abraham Looks 39 Shades of Effed Up in Disturbing New Video

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When it comes to Farrah Abraham, it takes a lot to shock us at this point.

This is a woman, remember, who is no longer a Teen Mom cast member because she got heavily involved in the world of amateur adult entertainment on the Internet.

She also once threatened to murder a reporter.

And yet... Abraham has managed to pull off the impossible.

A new YouTube video released by the reality star has sparked fresh plastic surgery chatter among viewers, as well as questions about the D-Lister's mental state in general.

In what way, shape and form?

Scroll down to find out.

1. YIKES, Farrah

YIKES, Farrah
"CONFESSIONALS ARE BACK! WATCH EP.1 link in bio! Fake marriages, sag aftra, ummm real real you FARR-IBERS!," wrote Farrah as a link on Instagram, sending followers to a video in which she looks like, well... this.

2. We Mean, Just Look at Her

We Mean, Just Look at Her
We really do hate to comment on someone's appearance, but it's sort of hard not to be taken aback by her face here, right?

3. There's a History of Plastic Surgery Here

There's a History of Plastic Surgery Here
"I've hated my nose since I was 13," Farrah told In Touch Weekly in 2012, conforming her nose job and adding that she had a breast augmentation in 2010. It cost $16,000.

4. I'm All Done Going Under the Knife!

I'm All Done Going Under the Knife!
Years later, during an appearance on the Allegedly podcast, Abraham said she had to cut back on plastic surgery. "I took a chin implant out. I've dialed down on the injections because I thought they were too much," she said back then. "There was a lot of stuff. Plastic surgery turns out to be more than you bargained for. I can say that for sure. I kind of just let it all go."

5. On Second Thought...

On Second Thought...
"I regret not getting more," she said years later. "I think it's good. I always say it's better to prevent when you're younger than when you're older and you've let yourself go. It's more money and you change your look more. I just want to seem youthful and plump and be happy. I don't want to ever look like I have bags because I do stay up late, and I do work a lot."

6. What Does She Actually Say in This Video?

What Does She Actually Say in This Video?
"I have no hate for anyone, but this is a confessional... people think I'm fake, but I've been the realest person," Farrah claims early on, explaining that this is why she had to step away from MTV for a little bit.

7. Calling All Major Publications!

Calling All Major Publications!
Farrah hopes to "move on to Harper's Bazaar or Elle" to do a more in-depth feature because none of those past tabloid cover stories told the real story of her life.

8. I Keep It Real!

I Keep It Real!
If there is any theme to this video, it's that Farrah is basically the only REAL reality star out there. Everyone else out there is a phony.

9. "I'm Focused on My Life"

"I'm Focused on My Life"
And my business, Farrah says.

10. You're Welcome! Sheesh!

You're Welcome! Sheesh!
At one point, Abraham says "you're welcome" to her ex-Teen Mom costars for permitting them to share in her money and fame.

11. Know What I Do?

Know What I Do?
I "improve social causes through TV," Farrah hilariously says around the six-minute mark.

12. Write for Me Please

Write for Me Please
Farrah says she's far more interesting in doing something scripted in the future, as opposed to the supposedly unscripted, phony world of reality TV.

13. This Was All a Lot of Noise That Signified Nothing

You can watch the full video above. Trust us, though, the most notable aspect is Farrah's face. What comes out of it is boring nonsense.

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