Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith: We Love Each Other Now, With David Outta the Way!

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It's been one strange development after another in the weeks since Teen Mom 2 terror Jenelle Evans filed for divorce from David Eason.

Some of the news - such as David's social media meltdown - was easy to predict.

But other occurrences - such as the burgeoning friendship between Jenelle and ex-fiance Nathan Griffith - well, they serve as a reminder that you never know what's around the bend when Jenelle is involved.

Yes, believe it or not, after years of denigrarting one another in social media tirades and family court testimony, Jenelle and Nathan have buried the hatchet.

And now they say the bad blood between them was all David's fault.

Take a look at the latest twist in the never-ending saga of Jenelle:


1. Unlikely Besties

Unlikely Besties
Well, we didn't think it was possible, but it appears Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have settled their differences. As you know, the exes spent the past three years making each other's lives hell.

2. Baby Steps

To be fair, it doesn't sound like Jenelle and Nathan will be getting together for drinks anytime soon (and given their history of drunken blowout fights, that's probably for the best).

3. All For Kai

All For Kai
But they have worked out an amicable co-parenting arrangement for the sake of their 3-year-old son Kaiser.

4. A Lengthy Conflict

A Lengthy Conflict
For most of his life, Kaiser's parents fought tooth and nail for custody of the boy.

5. Broken Home

Broken Home
The situation came to a head back in May when Kaiser and his siblings were removed from Jenelle and David's care after a CPS investigation determined that the Easons were incapable of providing a suitable home environment for their kids.

6. The Same Routine

The Same Routine
Kaiser spent several weeks living with Nathan and his fiancee before he was eventually placed back in Jenelle and David's care -- at which time the custody battle began again.

7. The Real Problem

The Real Problem
Nathan promptly renewed his claims that Kaiser would not be safe in the Eason household. But now it seems that -- in Griffith's eyes, at least -- the problem was not Jenelle, but David.

8. The Hatchet Has Been Buried

The Hatchet Has Been Buried
In their latest exchange on Twitter, Jenelle and Nathan seem to be sending the message that they've finally made peace for the sake of their son's happiness.

9. A Change of Heart

After years of denigrating Jenelle at every turn, Nathan is now pleading with the public to give her a second chance.

10. Um ... Whatever You Say, Man

"It’s sad how bitter people deflect negative attention to cover up their own insecurities. Hoping to justify their actions by the finding comfort in the approval of others," Nathan rather confusingly tweeted.

11. David Shade

David Shade
And of course, Nathan couldn't resist taking this opportunity to throw a little shade David's way. We can't say we blame him.

12. Down With the [Sic]ness

"I am so appreciative to finally have a healthy relationship with @PBandJenelley_1. Something we should of had 3-4 years ago," Griffith continued.

13. Shout-Out to Ashley

Shout-Out to Ashley
From there, Nathan expressed his gratitude to his fiancee, Ashley, who has apparently been supportive of his efforts to rebuild his relationship with Jenelle.

14. The Anti-David

The Anti-David
"Especially one, that everyone, is supportive with. Thank you @a_lynn423 for being so understanding," Griffith tweeted.

15. Jenelle's Idea of Civility

Jenelle's Idea of Civility
"Thank you for being there for Kaiser and helping out lately," Evans responded.

16. Subtle Shade?

Subtle Shade?
The word "lately" could be construed as mildly passive-aggressive there, as it implies that Nathan only recently began participating in his son's life, but, hey -- baby steps, right?

17. Mixed Response

Mixed Response
Jenelle still has a looooong way to go in terms of rebuilding her reputation, so it should come as no surprise that the public's reaction to this public mending of fences was decidedly mixed.

18. Some Support

Some Support
"I’ll admit, I haven’t been a fan the past couple of years. But girl, you are starting to make some good choices and I am excited to see where you are in a year!! Focus on the big picture! You got this!" tweeted this recent convert to the Church of Jenelle.

19. Much Love

Much Love
"I am so pleased to hear this! I had a feeling this would happen! Kaiser can finally see a healthy relationship between his Mom and Dad," this follower added. Just because parents aren’t together anymore for whatever reason, doesn’t mean they can’t co-parent healthy! So happy for you all!"

20. A Dose of Realism

A Dose of Realism
Of course, many Twitter users were quick to point out that Jenelle and Nathan should probably give it a month or two before they start crowing about how healthy their relationship is.

21. Solid Point

Solid Point
"That all sounds great and all, but let’s be honest we all know it won’t last as soon as her newest soulmate arrives. Also how can you ever trust her to care for sweet kaiser. After all the abuse she allowed to happen to him. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad she left David BUT ..." wrote this commenter.

22. "It Won't"

"It Won't"
"Hopefully it continues even after she meets someone new," this user gave voice to the skepticism many experienced when they learned of Jenelle and Nathan's newfound mutual respect.

23. A Long Way to Go

A Long Way to Go
Jenelle has to expect a little skepticism from the public after all the years that she and Nathan spent trying to convince their followers that the other one was an evil child abuser.

24. Progress

But hey, even the attempt at forming an amicable relationship with Nathan is a step in the right direction.

25. Score!

And as a bonus, you know the whole situation has David seething with rage on The Land.

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