Chelsea Houska to Husband: Man, I Wish I Could Just Give You a BJ Right This Second!

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Chelsea Houska is not shy.

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Chelsea Houska knows how to make herself go viral.

This was evident on the November 19 episode of Teen Mom 2 when the veteran star found herself alone in the car with husband Cole and made it very clear that she wished the two were truly alone.

As in: She wished there was not a camera attached to the dashboard in front of them.

How come? What did Chelsea have in mind?

As you're about to find out below, she wasn't exactly subtle about it...

1. Happily Married!

Happily Married!
Chelsea and Cole have been married since 2016. They are parents to a son named Watson and a daughter named Layne and have seemed generally happy and scandal-free this whole time.

2. Why? What's Their Secret?

Why? What's Their Secret?
We may have just found out! On the aforementioned episode of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea made it clear that having two young kids at home has not de-spiced their sex life in any way, shape or form.

3. Ooooh, Do Tell!

Ooooh, Do Tell!
Oh, we will, alright! Or, to be more specific, Chelsea will tell...

4. Want Some Oral Pleasure?

Want Some Oral Pleasure?
On Monday night's installment of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea got a bit scandalous during a car ride! How so? Here is how so: "If we weren't on camera, I'd give you a blowie on the way there," Chelsea told Cole.

5. Come Again?

Come Again?
Or come just once in my mouth, Chelsea was basically teasing in this scene. Sorry. That was crude. But, hey, Chelsea is the one who strongly implied it, not us!

6. Sorry, Honey, But...

Sorry, Honey, But...
"We're on camera," Chelsea reminded Cole next, to which he replied in obvious fashion: "We can turn them off... pretty fast."

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