Donald Trump Impeachment Party: Who’s Attending?

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Every week, the odds of Donald Trump getting impeached grow stronger and stronger.

We can't say for certain that this monumental development will take place.

But it seems sometimes as if Trump almost wants to be kicked out of office. How else to explain some of the things he says and does?

In response to the controversies that continue to engulf this administration the hashtag "#TrumpImpeachmentParty" has trended multiple times on Twitter.

Take a look below at who is psyched to attend this viral event...

1. Let's Do This!

Let's Do This!
I just need a few minutes to get ready.

2. Rolling with My Homies

Rolling with My Homies
Get into formation, people!

3. Pregame Time!

Pregame Time!
Classy pregame time, that is.

4. BYOB?

That works for me!

5. I Am Here

I Am Here
And now the party can begin.

6. DJ Zedd Chimes In

DJ Zedd Chimes In
Hey, I'm available!

7. Britney Probably Won't Be There

Britney Probably Won't Be There
But her music may be!

8. Look Who's Here

Look Who's Here
NOW the party can really begin!

9. He IS, Legally and Technically, Your President

He IS, Legally and Technically, Your President
But we get what you're saying here.

10. This is Fun, But...

This is Fun, But...
... the world still has some pretty big problems.

11. Why This Party?

Why This Party?
This Tweet explains it a bit.

12. She Makes a Good Point

She Makes a Good Point
Well, she MADE one. But no one listened.

13. This is the "Mess" Trump Says He Inherited

This is the "Mess" Trump Says He Inherited
We're just gonna go ahead and leave this here.

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