Donald Trump Impeachment Odds: What Are the Chances of the President Getting Fired?

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You're fired.

It was Donald Trump's catchphrase during his tenure as host of NBC's The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice.

It's a phrase no one wants to hear, filled as it is with the dread of an irate authority figure and terminated employment, and yet it helped endear Trump to an American public that had all but forgotten about him when his first reality series premiered in 2004.

Now, millions are aching to repeat those words back to the unlikely 45th President of the United States.

Donald Trump at the Lectern

From the time of his stunning election, there's been talk of the possibility that Trump might not last a full term in office.

In the wake of news that his administration may have been colluding with Russia for much of the past year and the resignation of top national security adviser General Michael Flynn, it seems more likely than ever that Trump will face a full investigation sometime in the near future.

Bad news for America, but potentially good news for gamblers who are bored with playing the ponies and betting on point spreads.

As they do with pretty much everything else, from the length of the national anthem at the Super Bowl to the likelihood that Jennifer Lawrence will fall down at an awards show, oddsmakers are calculating the chances of a Trump impeachment.

And these days they're liking the president's chances of getting the boot.

Donald Trump at a Podium

The odds of a Trump impeachment in 2017 are currently sitting at 4/1.

If he makes it through his first year in the White House, however, it seems the likelihood that Trump will last a full four years will jump considerably.

The odds of a Trump’s impeachment in 2018 are currently at 9/1.

In 2019, they're 16/1 in 2019 and they're at a whopping 20/1 in the year 2020.

Donald Trump Takes the Oath

So if you have an inkling that Trump will get tossed three years from now, you may want to put some dollars down on it.

Not surprisingly, oddsmakers are deeming it less likely that the president will voluntarily step down.

The "no" prop bet on Trump resigning is currently at 4/11.

The "yes" is a 15/8.

Donald Trump Writes a Speech

Of course, anyone familiar with Trump's ego knows that all the sh-t would have to hit all the fans simultaneously for Trump to admit defeat and surrender the White House.

But hey, these are exciting times in the worst possible way, and anything is possible!

So get your bets in now, before we're all wagering in rubles!

Wish us luck, rest of the world!

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