Dog Walks Around on Two Feet: WHOA!

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This Pomeranian in China is walking around on two feet. Supposedly, he's protesting a new haircut.

1. Pomeranian on Two Feet!

Pomeranian on Two Feet!
This Pomeranian is standing on two feet! Supposedly, he's doing so in protest of a new haircut.

2. Standing Pomeranian

Standing Pomeranian
This Pomeranian lives in China. His owner says he walked around on two feet for days to protect a new hairstyle.

3. Pomeranian in a Jacket

Pomeranian in a Jacket
Yes, this is a photo of a Pomeranian wearing a jacket. It's not exactly ugly, is it?

4. Dog Wardrobe Malfunction

Dog Wardrobe Malfunction
It's difficult for a Pomeranian to keep his clothes on when he's standing up. An owner in China found this out the hard way.

5. A Dog on Two Feet!

A Dog on Two Feet!
This seems challenging. How do you walk a Pomeranian on his hind legs?

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