The Bachelorette Recap: The Men Tell All... About How Much Luke Sucks

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The Bachelorette will not announce its winner until next week.

But one thing we can now say for certain, without the help of reading any The Bachelorette spoilers or anything, is the following:

Luke Parker is a total and complete loser.

The sexist pig was in the spotlight on Monday evening's Men Tell All special, as he tried to defend his behavior on the show and his attitude toward Hannah Brown in general.

It did not go well.

Scroll down for a recap of a special Men Tell All special in which Parker was in the crosshairs of nearly every contestant who spoke out...

1. No Regrets Here

No Regrets Here
At the outset of the Men Tell All episode, a clip was shown of the remainder of what went down in Greece after Brown finally sent Parker in Greece to close out last Monday night’s episode.

2. I've Seen the Light!

I've Seen the Light!
“I finally was hit right in the face with what everybody else saying,” Hannah explained in a confessional. “I was like, ‘I now can relate,’ and I sent Luke home. The other guys have no idea … I have no regrets. I feel like f-ck that guy and not an ounce of me misses him, wants him in my life or will question my decisions. I’m so glad Luke is finally gone and I never have to see him again."

3. Never, Though?!?

Never, Though?!?
Footage of Parker on his way to interrupt Brown’s rose ceremony was then shown, as he said: “Hannah thought after sending me in the van that there’s no way I’d want to be with her anymore after the last thing she told me. She’s sadly mistaken." (Editor's Note: YIKES!)

4. The Sexist Pig Just Kept Going, Too

The Sexist Pig Just Kept Going, Too
“She doesn’t realize I still love her and that I’m not through,” he continued in this clip. “This isn’t over for me yet. I couldn’t go home without talking to her again and sharing my heart with her and getting a few things off my chest. She has never told me that she loves me, but I know she loves me. I know without a shadow of a doubt she still has feelings for me. I believe she’s making a big mistake, and I’m going to tell her that. She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m on my way and I’m coming. I want to prove to her how serious I am about this.”

5. WTH, Dude?

WTH, Dude?
We even saw a diamond ring in Luke's pocket, as he simply joined Hannah's remaining three suitors in a line, as if he had never been kicked off.

6. Get the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks Out of Here!

Get the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks Out of Here!
"Leave! I’m so tired. You’re so narcissistic," Hannah screamed at Luke when she saw him. "It’s my this, my that. This is not about your heart. I’m sorry that your heart is broken, but you’ve already broken my heart like 15 times through all of this by me trying to make this work.”

7. Luke Finally Left. And Hannah Finally Lost It.

Luke Finally Left. And Hannah Finally Lost It.
“The clarity that you were looking for? Now you have even more of it," Chris Harrison said on air to a crying Brown. "He is fully convinced — or was — that you are his wife, that you are the one and that nobody knows the depth of your relationship. He has a ring in his pocket right now. He was ready to propose to you. I’m not joking.”

8. Luke Parker Tells All

Luke Parker Tells All
... and now we're back on set for the actual Men Tell All special, where Luke attempted to defend all of his horrible actions.

9. Hanna is a Liar!

Hanna is a Liar!
“You look back at hometowns and she told my whole Sunday school group that sex in the fantasy suites wasn’t going to be something she was going to do,” Parker told Harrison. “Even before that conversation at dinner in Greece, I explained what my desires were with sex and fantasy suites and she agreed and she said she was in the same boat and she shared the same desires to abstain from sex before marriage. So I was blindsided by the whole thing."

10. Continued Luke:

Continued Luke:
“I didn’t expect her reaction. Like I said, I’m not going to ever judge her for anything that she does, and I was never judging her. I was making a decision for myself of what I wanted and something that I’ve been seeking. That is what I proved showing back up to fight for Hannah. The only reason I went back was to show Hannah something that I shared with her from day one — I’m always going to fight for her.”

11. It Was Real to Me!

It Was Real to Me!
Parker said that in the beginning of the show, he made Brown out to be “this perfect woman.” Alas... “It wasn’t the fact that she had sex that would make me want to leave her,” he said. “I went in there because I felt like she was making a mistake. I really thought, no matter what, this is the one for me. I’ve never felt anything like this. If you’re wondering, these feelings were real and I know they were real for her. That’s why you see me say things like, ‘She has never told me she loves me, but I believe that she does.'”

12. The Ultimate Condescension

The Ultimate Condescension
“I felt like I was on a rescue mission for Hannah,” Parker actually said. “That’s how I look at it. Coming here, I really felt like I was going to be something good for her in a future husband. Granted, I’m talking about before ever meeting her. … Her faith was very exciting to me. I wasn’t even going to show up unless I had known that Hannah Brown was going to be the Bachelorette. I think, throughout the whole season, it was very clear I was there for her and that I was going to fight for her until the very end.”

13. An Apology!

An Apology!
“I just want to tell you one thing: I’m sorry. That’s it. I made it really hard on her," Parker did at least say toward the end of his sit-down.

14. Enter Devin!

Enter Devin!
Devin swooped in during Luke's interview and blasted the loser: “There are two types of men,” Harris said. “There are men that want an independent, strong woman. And there are men that want a woman that they can control. I feel right now that you are the man that wants to control a woman so that you can feel better about yourself."

15. BAM!

“That’s not a man,” Devin added. “What blows my mind is you’re saying that you’re on a rescue mission, but it seemed that the only person that needed rescuing was Hannah from you.”

16. Take It From Here, Mike

Take It From Here, Mike
“I’m going to be honest,” said Johnson duringh is time ons stage. “I feel that Luke hasn’t learned a thing whatsoever. I think that you are a narcissistic, cantankerous misogynist. I think that you are beyond cocky to the point to where you don’t care what no one else says. I feel that you were not fighting for her. … You were fighting over her. I think that your future wife is going to be a prisoner with you if you don’t know how to change."

17. And Your Take, Connor Saeli?

And Your Take, Connor Saeli?
"I was the only one to actually give you a chance in Scotland and hear you out and hear your story,” said Saeli to/about Parker. “And I remember right after our conversation that we had, you went and said the complete opposite thing to the group and so, you know, honestly, I wish I’d said this early to you, but f— you, man. You’re a liar, a manipulator, you’re controlling and you honestly are a psychopath. And I think everything you’re about to hear tonight you deserve."

18. And Luke Stone?

And Luke Stone?
Luke Stone, whose ugly relationship with Parker came to a head after Parker allegedly kneed him in the face during a rugby match, said he found Parker’s actions “disturbing.”

19. Ouch, You Guys

Ouch, You Guys
“My integrity and my character is being questioned constantly,” Parker said in response to all the insults. “Everything I say, I’m being looked at like a liar. Think about that. That’s just not easy to deal with. … I do hate that’s what happened. And I do admit that’s because of me, I admit that was because of my pride. That’s not easy to deal with.”

20. Please Attend My Pity Party

Please Attend My Pity Party
“It hurts me to hear that some of you don’t accept my apology,” he added later. “And I want you to know that I’m sincerely sorry about how it played out. I admit to being very immature through a lot of the process. It became about me because of my arrogance and my pride and I am working on those things…I really hope that you guys can forgive me.”

21. Can Mike Please Be the Next Bachelor?

Can Mike Please Be the Next Bachelor?
We'll leave you on a non-Luke note, as we advocate for Mike as The Bachelor. “To be broken up with like that and see her crying, I just wanted to be there for her,” he told Harrison. “It’s definitely not something I wanted to go through, but being on this journey, I know that we’re here looking for love and so is Hannah, and it sucks, but I trust Hannah."

22. The Final Word to Hannah

The Final Word to Hannah
“I think it’s hard for a lot of people to understand,” she said of Luke and why she kept him around awhile. “It was hard for me to understand at times. But ultimately, I’m really glad that relationship is behind me. I learned a lot from the experiences I went through and the heartbreak I ultimately went through from discovering that I deserved so much more than I could put up with."

23. You Suck, Dude. So Much.

You Suck, Dude. So Much.
“You said that you learned from this, and I do hope that you did,” she told Luke directly. “But I think that there’s a lot of fruit that needs to be grown from you .. I will never try to say that the feelings that I had for him weren’t real, because they were. It was the closest thing that I had to feeling like I was drawn to somebody that I felt like was love at first sight that I’ve ever experienced. I think a lot of that came from being really insecure about being the Bachelorette in the first place. I remember when I got the call from you, I was so excited but also I had this doubt of, ‘Oh my gosh, am I going to be able to be this? Are the guys going to be disappointed?’ I didn’t know if I was going to live up to this standard that I thought I had to live up to and the first night there, there is this huge fear of what your intentions are. Are they for fame? Are they for career? Are they for building a platform? Is it for you to just continue to be a personality? That night, he made it clear and made me believe that he was there for me. There was safety in that, and he gave me hope from the beginning, and I held onto it a lot longer than I should have.”

24. Hannah Keeps Blasting Away

Hannah Keeps Blasting Away
“Fantasy suites aren’t used for sex, Luke,” Brown added. “You didn’t have one, so maybe you don’t know, but the fantasy suites aren’t for sex. You’re making everything about sex and it’s not. … I’m so over being slut-shamed and [feeling] like that makes me not a woman of faith. I live my life and make mistakes and sin every single day … but that’s what grace is for. … And those fantasy suites, that’s not what they were about. They were about having a relationship where I grew really close to the men and knowing their heart. It’s not just about the physical, and that’s where you’re getting it really, really wrong.”

25. Deep Gratitude

Deep Gratitude
To the rest of her suitors, Brown said: “Know that I’m really thankful that you stuck up for me when you did, you supported me when you did and you encouraged me when you did. I know it had to be really hard, but I am just really thankful for the guys that were here that were honest with me and real with me. So I just want to say thank you."

26. And a Final, Awesome Message

And a Final, Awesome Message
To end the show, Hannah addressed viewers and declared: “The Luke P. show is canceled.”

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