The Bachelorette Recap: The Men Tell All... About How Much Luke Sucks

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The Bachelorette will not announce its winner until next week.

But one thing we can now say for certain, without the help of reading any The Bachelorette spoilers or anything, is the following:

Luke Parker is a total and complete loser.

The sexist pig was in the spotlight on Monday evening's Men Tell All special, as he tried to defend his behavior on the show and his attitude toward Hannah Brown in general.

It did not go well.

Scroll down for a recap of a special Men Tell All special in which Parker was in the crosshairs of nearly every contestant who spoke out...

1. No Regrets Here

No Regrets Here
At the outset of the Men Tell All episode, a clip was shown of the remainder of what went down in Greece after Brown finally sent Parker in Greece to close out last Monday night’s episode.

2. I've Seen the Light!

I've Seen the Light!
“I finally was hit right in the face with what everybody else saying,” Hannah explained in a confessional. “I was like, ‘I now can relate,’ and I sent Luke home. The other guys have no idea … I have no regrets. I feel like f-ck that guy and not an ounce of me misses him, wants him in my life or will question my decisions. I’m so glad Luke is finally gone and I never have to see him again."

3. Never, Though?!?

Never, Though?!?
Footage of Parker on his way to interrupt Brown’s rose ceremony was then shown, as he said: “Hannah thought after sending me in the van that there’s no way I’d want to be with her anymore after the last thing she told me. She’s sadly mistaken." (Editor's Note: YIKES!)

4. The Sexist Pig Just Kept Going, Too

The Sexist Pig Just Kept Going, Too
“She doesn’t realize I still love her and that I’m not through,” he continued in this clip. “This isn’t over for me yet. I couldn’t go home without talking to her again and sharing my heart with her and getting a few things off my chest. She has never told me that she loves me, but I know she loves me. I know without a shadow of a doubt she still has feelings for me. I believe she’s making a big mistake, and I’m going to tell her that. She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m on my way and I’m coming. I want to prove to her how serious I am about this.”

5. WTH, Dude?

WTH, Dude?
We even saw a diamond ring in Luke's pocket, as he simply joined Hannah's remaining three suitors in a line, as if he had never been kicked off.

6. Get the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks Out of Here!

Get the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks Out of Here!
"Leave! I’m so tired. You’re so narcissistic," Hannah screamed at Luke when she saw him. "It’s my this, my that. This is not about your heart. I’m sorry that your heart is broken, but you’ve already broken my heart like 15 times through all of this by me trying to make this work.”

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