Jenelle Evans' Desperate Plan to Win Custody Battle: Will This Actually Work?

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Teen Mom 2 terror Jenelle Evans' fight to win her children back has been going on for nearly two tumultuous months now.

It may seem that the odds are stacked against her, but as we reported yesterday, Jenelle could still win her custody battle.

She notched a major victory this week when her lawyers successfully lobbied to have a new lawyer assigned to her case.

And now, it seems Evans is ready to launch phase two of her offensive. This part is a little trickier and a whole lot riskier.

But it might just be crazy enough to work.

Take a look below at what she's up to:

1. Desperate Times

Desperate Times
Jenelle and David were back in court this week, and yet again the hearings did not result in a final ruling with regard to the three kids who removed from their home back in May.

2. Still Fighting

Still Fighting
Jenelle isn't exactly known for her work ethic, so we guess it's to her credit that she's actually bothered to show up to most of these hearings and supervised visits.

3. To Be Expected

To Be Expected
Yes, she missed at least one visit due to "illness," but that's a pretty good attendance record by Jenelle Evans standards.

4. A Long Absence

A Long Absence
In part because of that absence, Jenelle went more than three weeks without seeing her kids. She broke that streak on Wednesday when Jenelle and David arrived at court to spend one (1) hour with their kids.

5. Correction

Well, we guess we should say they spent an hour with MOST of their kids. David's 11-year-old daughter Maryssa reportedly refuses to spend time with her father and stepmother.

6. Back at It

Back at It
Jenelle and David were back in court for the second consecutive day on Friday, but it's not clear if they visited with their kids again.

7. Maryssa on the Stand

Maryssa on the Stand
What is clear is that Maryssa took the stand for a second day of testimony.

8. Story to Tell

Story to Tell
Now, multiple insiders have confirmed that Jenelle and David have derided Maryssa as a liar and have essentially cut ties with her. Which means she's now that much more likely to tell the truth about the horrors she's witnessed on The Land.

9. Speaking the Truth

Speaking the Truth
“She just told the truth of the things she witnessed and was exposed to,” a source close to the case tells Radar Online. “She might speak during the disposition hearings too.”

10. Bad News

Bad News
Needless to say, this doesn't bode well for Jenelle and David, who already have a LOT going against them in their efforts to win their children back.

11. Backs Against a Wall

Backs Against a Wall
Jenelle and David successfully lobbied for a new judge after claiming the previous judge was biased against them. But other than that it seems the hearings have not been going in their favor this week.

12. Desperate Measures

Desperate Measures
So perhaps it's not surprising that Jenelle is hatching a desperate plan to try and tip the scales of justice in her favor.

13. A Little Extortion Never Hurt Anyone!

A Little Extortion Never Hurt Anyone!
“Jenelle and David are digging into a government worker’s past who is involved in the case,” a second source tells Radar.

14. So What?

So What?
“They claim to have found a criminal record from a decade ago," the insider added.

15. It's Always Something

It's Always Something
There are so many ridiculous aspects to this scheme that it's hard to know where to begin.

16. The Mug Shot Queen

The Mug Shot Queen
For one thing, Jenelle and David have literally dozens of mug shots between them, so the idea of the Easons trying to discredit anyone on the basis of their criminal past is truly hilarious.

17. The End Game

The End Game
On top of that, what exactly are these two planning to do with this information? Blackmail the guy into saying they're great parents?!

18. In Any Event...

In Any Event...
Sadly, it may be quite some time before we get to see how all of this concludes. Radar reports that the custody case is expected to “go on for months.”

19. Angry Dave

And given how much erratic behavior we've seen from David already, you can bet he'll be banned from the courthouse (and from visiting his kids) well before this thing is through.

20. Almost Funny

Almost Funny
As with so many other aspects of Jenelle and David's lives the whole thing would be amusing ...

21. Yeah, No

Yeah, No
... were it not for the fact that there are kids involved and the whole thing began with Eason murdering the family dog.

22. Sad Scene

Sad Scene
As it is, the situation is just a tragic trainwreck that's difficult to look away from.

23. Best Possible Outcome

Best Possible Outcome
Here's hoping that when it's all over -- several months from now -- Jenelle and David's kids are safe, healthy, and relatively untraumatized.

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