Meghan Markle vs. Kate Middleton Feud: Tearing William and Harry Apart?! [UPDATED]

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For months now, we've been hearing reports of a feud between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

Now, several media outlets are reporting that the beef has actually intensified in the months since Meghan became pregnant with her first child.

In fact, some sources say the situation has gotten so bad that Meghan and Kate's mutual animosity is now tearing at the fabric of the relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry.

It sounds almost too absurd to imagine -- why would a group of people tasked with representing a nation give in to such petty jealousies and destructive rivalries?

But amazingly, there's real reason to believe that the distance between the two couples is growing wider by the day.

[UPDATE: We've added new information regarding William's alleged affair with Rose Hanbury -- and the ways in which it may have affected his relationship with Harry.]

Take a look:

1. Former Friends

Former Friends
Not all that long ago, Kate and Meghan seemed to get along famously. Now, insiders say their relationship has been damaged beyond repair.

2. What Happened?

What Happened?
So what happened to these former friends that led them to turn their backs on each other?

3. Palace Insecurity

Palace Insecurity
Well, if the anonymous "insiders" are to be believed, Kate began to feel threatened by the all the adoration that Meghan receives from the press.

4. A Two-Way Street

A Two-Way Street
Sources also say Meghan feels that Kate could have done more to make her feel welcome in her first months as a member of the royal family.

5. Trouble From the Start

Trouble From the Start
Neutral insiders say Meghan and Kate both put effort into forming a relationship, but they're simply too different to get along.

6. Trying Their Best

Trying Their Best
“They try their best to get along but they are two people from wildly different places, so it is perhaps inevitable that they will rub each other up the wrong way.”

7. Making Moves

Making Moves
Now, Meghan and Prince Harry have decided to put some physical distance between themselves and that OTHER royal couple.

8. Castling

As Meghan prepares to welcome her first child, it's been confirmed that she'll be doing so far away from her former home in Kensington Palace.

9. Sending a Message

Sending a Message
Meghan and Harry have taken up residence at the Queen’s Windsor Park estate, 25 miles from Kensington.

10. An Unexpected Move

An Unexpected Move
It was expected that the couple would move into the apartment at 1 Kensington Palace, where renovations had recently taken place in preparation for their arrival.

11. Last-Minute Decision

Last-Minute Decision
So the decision to instead make a home in Frogmore Cottage is being heavily scrutinized.

12. Making It Clear

Making It Clear
Insiders say it's quite clear to the entire Windsor clan that Harry and Meghan's move was prompted by their desire to get away from Will and Kate.

13. Stepping In

Stepping In
Now, it seems the situation has gotten so bad that Prince Charles has decided to intervene in an effort to save the relationship between his sons.

14. Bros Before Duchesses

Bros Before Duchesses
“They have had quite a few arguments,” one royal source tells the New York Post. “This is about Harry pulling away from his brother.”

15. Any Chance?

Any Chance?
Will and Harry have been close their entire lives, but what sort of relationship can they have when their wives are at each other's throats?

16. The Silent Treatment

The Silent Treatment
Of course, the dramatic relocation isn't this week's only proof that there's beef between these two couples.

17. Keeping Mum

Keeping Mum
When Kate addressed the topic of Meghan's pregnancy (in her usual detached manner), it called attention to the fact that she's refrained from commenting on it prior.

18. Who's to Blame?

Who's to Blame?
This is a question that's been asked over and over, as surely, if the reports of Kate and Meghan's feud is to be believed, one party must be more responsible than the other -- right?

19. Shared Responsibility

Shared Responsibility
But the more insiders sound off, the more it becomes clear that both duchesses contributed to the situation.

20. Top Duchess

Top Duchess
It seems Kate was the center of attention in London for so long that sharing the stage with Meg was more difficult than she anticipated. And apparently, she struggled to conceal her animosity from the start.

21. The Challenger

The Challenger
For her part, Meghan reportedly spent her early days in the UK courting the media and making it clear she intended to grab the spotlight for herself.

22. Noble Intentions

Noble Intentions
Insiders say this was to be expected, given Meghan's twin passions of fashion and philanthropy -- but Kate couldn't help but take it personally.

23. Too Late?

Too Late?
Of course, at this point, both ladies have dug in and are reportedly refusing to budge in the interest of making peace.

24. Royal Bummer

Royal Bummer
At this point, those closest to the Windsors are afraid both sides have simply come to terms with the fact that they'll never get along.

25. The End?

The End?
And of course, royal watchers are afraid that that state of affairs might lead to the end of William and Harry's lifelong friendship.

26. UPDATE: A Twist Worthy of Shyamalan

UPDATE: A Twist Worthy of Shyamalan
A number of unexpected developments have forced royal watchers the world over to reevaluate the Kate vs. Meghan feud. It now looks like the real beef was always between William and Harry.

27. Enter the Marchioness

Enter the Marchioness
This is Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley and former friend and confidante to Kate Middleton.

28. Duchess Drama

Duchess Drama
It's been widely rumored that Kate cut ties with Hanbury after learning of an affair between Rose and William.

29. Will In the Doghouse

Will In the Doghouse
Rumors of William having an affair seem to pop up about once a month, but the latest reports are raising eyebrows due to the fact Will has taken legal action to keep them out of the press.

30. The Brothers Grim

The Brothers Grim
And what does all of this have to do with Will and Harry?

31. A Royal Rift

A Royal Rift
Well, insiders say Harry was infuriated when he learned of Will's affair, particularly as William had previously cautioned him against marrying Meghan.

32. Makes Sense to Us!

Makes Sense to Us!
Learning that the guy giving you condescending relationship advice is sleeping around on his wife? Yeah, we can see why that may have rubbed Harry the wrong way!

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