Briana DeJesus: Pregnant By Mystery Boyfriend?

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Teen Mom 2 may not be airing new episodes at the moment, but Briana DeJesus is making sure there's plenty of drama in her life for the show's next season.

As you may have heard, Briana has a new boyfriend.

Very little is known about the guy. In fact, no one is even sure of his name.

We do know, however, that the relationship is going strong, and it appears to be getting serious.

In fact, Briana and her mystery man might be preparing to take a very big step together.

Take a look:

1. Briana and Her Mystery Man

Briana and Her Mystery Man
Briana has been dating her new boyfriend for several months. For reasons that aren't entirely clear, he seems to prefer that his identity remain a secret.

2. Can We Call You Johnny?

Can We Call You Johnny?
When news of Briana's new man first went public, it was reported that his name was Johnny Rodriguez.

3. Johnny Drama

Johnny Drama
But then, Briana took to Twitter to set the record straight on her dude's name.

4. We're Confused

We're Confused
Now, however, Briana has revealed that her boyfriend's name is, in fact, Johnny.

5. Trust Issues

Trust Issues
Fans have complained that they don't know when to trust Briana, and given the mixed messages she's been sending lately, it's not hard to see why they might feel that way.

6. Dropping Hints

Dropping Hints
Some fans feel that Briana's recent tweets are her way of subtly indicating that she's pregnant.

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