Briana DeJesus to Kailyn Lowry: Why Are You So Afraid of Me?! [Exclusive]

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Of the many Teen Mom feuds we've seen over the years, perhaps none has been as intense (or as entertaining) as the beef between Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry.

For one thing, this was no mere social media spat.

No, the Kail vs. Briana rivalry frequently spilled off the screen and into real life.

It began to boil over when Briana briefly dated Kail's ex-husband, Javi Marroquin.

And it really came to a head with DeJesus and Lowry's backstage confrontation at one of the most tense reunion shows in franchise history.

It seems impossible that Kail and Bri will ever be friends, but they seemed to reach a sort of uneasy piece over the past year.

This week, however, Lowry threw some shade at DeJesus on her podcast, and now, Bri's firing back in an exclusive inverview with The Hollywood Gossip.

We think it's safe to say she didn't hold anything back this time.

Take a look:

1. Back At It

Back At It
For a while there, it looked as though Kail and Bri had decided to give each other some distance. But then Lowry decided to address their longstanding feud on the most recent episode of her Coffee Convos podcast.

2. Subtle Tea?

Subtle Tea?
“They have asked me if I will sit on the couch with everybody and I did say no,” she explained. “It doesn’t have anything to do with Briana or the drama, or Jenelle, or any of that. It’s more so for personal reasons. I really just don’t want to go back to that space.”

3. Shots Fired?

Shots Fired?
Kail didn't exactly come out swinging, but as many fans on social media have pointed out, it's pretty clear her comments are directed primarily at Briana.

4. Expired Beef

Expired Beef
Yes, she mentioned Jenelle too, but since Evans was fired from the show way back in April, it seems unlikely that Lowry would ever be pressured to share a reunion couch with her.

5. Professional Mistrust

Professional Mistrust
“I feel like there was drama in the past and, based on that, I don’t trust the producers and I don’t trust some of the cast members,” Kail continued.

6. Cast Shade?

Cast Shade?
From there, Kail went on to describe her relationships with just about every one of her current castmates -- skipping over Briana of course.

7. Chelsea Lately

Chelsea Lately
“It’s nothing against Chelsea," Kailyn continued. "I know a ton of people have written in and asked if me and Chelsea are still friends. We’re still friends; there’s no bad blood."

8. No Shade For Jade

No Shade For Jade
"Jade and I are fine," she added, referring to Jenelle Evans' replacement, Jade Cline.

9. Vacations Speak Louder Than Words

Vacations Speak Louder Than Words
Kail didn't say anything about where she stands with Leah Messer, but considering the two of them regularly take exotic trips together and appear to be BFFs, she didn't need to.

10. In Case It Wasn't Clear

In Case It Wasn't Clear
"I had to say I won’t sit on the couch with anyone but Chelsea and Leah. It’s just not worth it to me," Lowry added.

11. Putting a Fine Point On It

Putting a Fine Point On It
Moving on from the reunion discussion, Kail addressed the possibility of one day having Briana on her podcast as a guest. And she made it clear she's not crazy about the idea.

12. Making Herself Clear

Making Herself Clear
“I’ve been asked to have Briana on the podcast," Lowry stated. "One of the producers had suggested maybe having her on the podcast. But, again, I just don’t think it fits well with what we’re trying to do,"

13. Bri's Take

Bri's Take
So how does Briana feel about Kail's obvious reluctance (or unwillingness) to forgive and forget? Well, we asked her. And here's what she had to say, word-for-word:

14. Pulling No Punches

Pulling No Punches
“I really don’t care about Kail whatsoever," Lowry began.

15. Moving On

Moving On
"I have moved on completely with my life and have even offered to sit down with her on a reunion couch, etc."

16. Speaking the Truth

Speaking the Truth
"But for some reason she refuses. I saw she refuses to sit on a couch with anyone but Chelsea and Leah."

17. Javi Drama

Javi Drama
"While that’s her prerogative, it’s kind of ridiculous," DeJesus continued. "I would not go after her as I’ve stressed MANY TIMES our drama is in the past and it was concerning HER CHEATING EX."

18. Perhaps ...

Perhaps ...
"Perhaps if she was able to let go of the Javi drama like I have we finally could move on once and for all."

19. Irony Alert!

Irony Alert!
"Also, with the whole thing about not having me on her podcast ... doesn’t anyone see the irony in this?

20. She Has a Point

She Has a Point
"She goes on HER PODCAST to discuss me — which she clearly knows is a topic that will drive ratings, much like she did to Jenelle — and then she doesn’t even want to allow me on to talk things out with her/offer my side of things?"

21. Return Fire!

Return Fire!
"Not that I’d go on her podcast anyway, as I have better ways to spend my time, but ... Like I said, the drama I have with her is far behind me and I don’t really care about her at all, but I do find it slightly obnoxious that she needs to discuss me/continue to try to poke at me."

22. Good Question

Good Question
"I have nothing against her anymore," Bri went on. "I get why she was salty and in her feelings about Javi and I, but seriously, how many years ago is that at this point?"

23. Editor's Note:

Editor's Note:
It was only about two years ago, but we see Bri's point.

24. Truly Sad

Truly Sad
"It’s truly sad. One would think she’d be able to move on from stupid drama that happened years ago."

25. Jade Shade

Jade Shade
"And why wouldn’t she sit on a couch with Jade, whom she has had on her podcast? Is she threatened by new blood?"

26. OG Prejudice

OG Prejudice
"I’m certainly not, but then again, I wasn’t one of the original Teen Mom 2 girls, so perhaps that’s why she had an issue with me aside from the Javi thing?"

27. Ensemble Unity!

Ensemble Unity!
"We’re supposed to be an ensemble cast on a show that focuses on the everyday struggles and challenges of being Teen Moms, not a show meant to take down each other," Bri continued.

28. An Open Book

An Open Book
"As those following my storyline have seen, I’ve been sharing all my real-life struggles with you and will continue to do so."

29. Keepin' It Real

Keepin' It Real
I never pull a ‘I’m not discussing this on camera’ like she has. While that’s her prerogative, I’d really like to see her grow up and get real.

30. Extending an Olive Branch

Extending an Olive Branch
If she wants to talk this out I’m willing to. If she wants to just leave it in the past, I’m willing to.

31. Make Like Elsa and Let It Go

Make Like Elsa and Let It Go
"But if she’s forever going to hold something that happened YEARS ago at this point against me, then that’s on her.

32. The Last Word

The Last Word
"I’m continuing to grow, mature, and move forward. And I wish for her sake she’d do the same.”

33. And That's That?

And That's That?
So there you have it, folks. Bri definitely took the high road in this situation, and Kail would look pretty petty if she chose to continue dwelling on the past.

34. What the Future Holds ...

What the Future Holds ...
Will these two finally be able to bury the hatchet? Might Kail deign to invite Bri on her podcast? Only time will tell!

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