Farrah Abraham CAUGHT Faking Photoshoot For Instagram: The Thirst Is Real!

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Farrah Abraham recently posted a video of herself and her daughter, Sophia Abraham, serving looks to photographers at what appeared to be a red carpet event.

The only problem is, fans think she faked the whole thing.

The obvious question here is -- would anyone would be crazy and narcissistic enough to stage such a ridiculous stunt?

The obvious answer is -- yes.

And her name is Farrah Abraham.

Folks, Farrah is thirstier than ever these days, and we're not putting anything past her.

Check out the evidence and decide for yourself if she just got exposed as Instagram's lamest try-hard.

1. "Famous" and Shameless

"Famous" and Shameless
Over the past few weeks, Farrah and Sophia have been traveling the world and working the crowd at A-list events. Or at least that's what they want us to believe.

2. International Woman of Mystery

International Woman of Mystery
Obviously, this situation raises a number of intriguing questions. How is Farrah scoring these invitations? Who's subsidizing her jet-setting lifestyle?

3. No Beating Around the Bush

No Beating Around the Bush
The short answer is this: It looks as though Farrah has launched a career as a high-priced international escort.

4. Putting It Right Out There

Putting It Right Out There
We're not just throwing shade here. A quick visit to Ms. Abraham's website will show you that anyone can purchase a "date" with the former reality star for the low, low price of $5,000 (plus travel expenses).

5. Oh, Please

Oh, Please
You can also pay for a business consultation session over the phone, which is somehow sadder than paying her for sex.

6. Tough Times

Tough Times
Hey, no judgment here! A single mom's gotta do what a single mom's gotta do. Especially Farrah, whose financial situation is growing more desperate by the day.

7. Mo' Than a ... Prostitute

Mo' Than a ... Prostitute
But to be fair to Farrah, prostitution isn't her only reason for hopping back and forth across the Atlantic. Somehow, she really does get invited to events.

8. We Don't Get It

We Don't Get It
Yes, Farrah was in attendance at the Venice Film Festival in September.

9. Constant Companion

Constant Companion
And as usual, she brought Sophia along to the age-inappropriate event as a sort of human fashion accessory.

10. Axis of Evil

Axis of Evil
Shortly after the Venice Fest, Farrah attended the launch of Jenelle Evans' cosmetics line. Fortunately, it looks like she left Sophia at home for this one. Smart move, considering David Eason was in attendance.

11. What's Going On Here?

What's Going On Here?
So what's the deal? Why is this woman who was fired from a basic cable reality show suddenly in demand at star-studded events?

12. To Clarify:

To Clarify:
(Okay, so Farrah was basically the biggest star at Jenelle's event, but the fact that she's still invited to anything is impressive.)

13. Master of Illusion

Master of Illusion
Well, to her credit, Farrah actually has quite a gift for self-promotion. She's often able to create the appearance that she's much more famous than she is.

14. Amazon Woman

Amazon Woman
At last month's Emmy Awards, for example, Farrah was able to score a pic with Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos.

15. Over-Extension

Unfortunately, Abraham sometimes overestimates her talent for PR and winds up making a fool of herself.

16. Weak Stuff

Take, for example, this obviously phony red carpet photoshoot video that Farrah posted earlier this week.

17. Nice Try

Nice Try
It seems Farrah was trying to create the impression that she'll be starring in a future episode of the E! network's True Hollywood Story. And fans were quick to call out her nonsense.

18. Busted

"This photoshoot is fake. Who is she kidding,” wrote one commenter.

19. Called Out

Called Out
Others were genuinely confused, such as the fan who asked, “Are they putting her on an E True Hollywood Story? Or is it BS?” Another follower was quick to clarify, writing, “Like anything else she says, it’s probably b.s,”

20. Hella Lame

Hella Lame
Yes, it appears that Farrah wandered by a promotional pop-up for the show and posted the video in order to give the impression that she's actually involved in the project.

21. Peasant Stunt

Peasant Stunt
“This is another Pop Up Exhibit that fans can take photos w/ backdrops," one Instagram user explained. "Love how Farrah will use any of these exhibits to make it look like she’s actually working or getting paid. She’s not people. You have to PAY THEM to walk through."

22. Speaking the Truth

Speaking the Truth
"Those people pretending to take photos are actors hired as paparazzi- part of the exhibit. Good one Farrah Abraham- almost had me fooled until I looked up what it was,” the commenter continued.

23. Delicate Wording

Delicate Wording
"@enews @etruehollywoodstory are back tomorrow Oct 6! @sophialabraham and I had a blast @popsugar #etruehollywoodstory #farrahabraham #sophiaabraham #enews," reads Farrah's carefully-phrased caption of the video.

24. Yeah, No

Yeah, No
“Lol, she tried so hard to carefully word that caption, to make it look like it was legit. No real celebrity is going to a pop-up, that’s sole purpose is to make believe you’re a celebrity,” another critic commented.

25. Better Luck Next Time?

Better Luck Next Time?
Needless to say, Farrah's not nearly as famous as she would like to be. But rest assured she'll continue to try and convince you otherwise!

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