Briana DeJesus BLASTS Kailyn Lowry: She's Nothing But a Jealous Hater! (Exclusive)

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When Kailyn Lowry attended the 2018 VMAs earlier this month, a red carpet interviewer asked about her infamous feud with Briana DeJesus.

As usual, Kail didn't have anything nice to say about her Teen Mom 2 rival, but she also shied away from talking trash about Bri.

It seems Lowry is eager to move on from a feud that some say she started.

Unfortunately for Kail, it takes two to bury a hatchet, and Briana feels there's still some unfinished business that needs to be sorted out.

Bri recently spoke with The Hollywood Gossip about her feelings toward Kail, and it seems that as far as Ms. DeJesus is concerned, this feud is far from over.


1. The Battle Continues

The Battle Continues
Many fans thought the beef between Kailyn and Briana was more or less sorted out when the two co-stars nearly came to blows while taping a Teen Mom 2 reunion show.

2. Old Grudge Unearthed

Old Grudge Unearthed
However, Kail stoked the dying flames of her feud with Bri during the most recent reunion show when she joked about sleeping with her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, while he was still dating DeJesus.

3. Jenelle Jumps In

Jenelle Jumps In
After Bri expressed shock at Kailyn's admission, Jenelle Evans entered the fray, accusing Lowry of "giving [her] body away" simply to make Briana jealous.

4. Bri's Take

Bri's Take
We asked Briana if she agrees with Jenelle that Kailyn slept with Javi simply as some sort of misguided revenge tactic.

5. Salty Kail

Salty Kail
“Yes, I do agree with that!" Bri said. "Kail and Javi had been divorced for quite some time and Kail was salty over Javi and me, so what other reason would she have to sleep with him other than that— to make me jealous. Which I’m not by the way."

6. Going Off

Going Off
Briana went on to roast Kail about the quickness with which Javi moved on to someone new following their brief reconciliation ...

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