Briana DeJesus Hints at Major "Future" with Javi Marroquin

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Are they or aren't they?

Are Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin still together or have they broken up?

The Teen Mom stars did NOT spend Christmas together, prompting chatter about a possible split...

... and now DeJesus has spoken out very clearly in response to these rumors.

Scroll down to see what she said and to learn the status of this controversial couple:

1. Was It a Merry Christmas for the Couple?

Was It a Merry Christmas for the Couple?
Yes. But that doesn't mean they spent the holiday together. As you can see here, Javi enjoyed some time with son Lincoln during the big day.

2. As for Briana?

As for Briana?
She opened presents and celebrated Christmas with her two daughters, Stella and Nova. Why did Javi not at least stop by? It remains unclear.

3. Adding Fuel to the Speculative Fire?

Adding Fuel to the Speculative Fire?
Briana's mother, Roxanne DeJesus, WENT OFF on Javi via Twitter, writing in a since-deleted message: "How many times can you say 'I'm being deployed' and not get deployed. Stop using deployment as a tool for sympathy. But it's a good storyline. GTFOH [sic]..." Wow, huh? Harsh.

4. What Fans Have Been Saying:

What Fans Have Been Saying:
"Hope you and Bri are together," one commenter wrote to Javi in response to the ongoing chatter, adding: "You deserve happiness and someone to treat you right. She definitely seems like she won’t take you for granted like Kale [sic] did! Happy for you guys!"

5. Broken Up?!?

Broken Up?!?
Briana has heard all the rumors. She's read all the reports. And she teased her response via this Instagram post.

6. The Clap Back:

The Clap Back:
DeJesus gave Us Weekly the exclusive interview in response (Where's the love for THG, Bri?!?), in which she said the following: "Javi and I are still together. We are making plans toward our future. Our relationship has been great thus far and I believe we both see long term potential."

7. Wow, Long-Term? Please Elaborate.

Wow, Long-Term? Please Elaborate.
"Only the future will tell, but we’re enjoying being together and have a great time each time we are together," DeJesus said, not revealing any specific plans between the stars.

8. What About Those Tweets from Her Mom?

What About Those Tweets from Her Mom?
Says Briana: "My mother and Javi are fine. There’s no issues. She just wants to make sure Javi’s intentions are true and not just for TV. She’s my mother and wants to protect me but we are all fine. Everything has worked out."

9. Praise for Marroquin:

Praise for Marroquin:
Briana wasn't done. She continued in this interview as follows. "Javi is also great to my kids and I appreciate that beyond belief, as I’ve struggled with my kids’ fathers being there for them."

10. Shots Fired

Shots Fired
The 23-year-old MTV star shares a six-year-old daughter, Nova, with ex Devoin Austin; and a five-month-old, Stella, with ex Luis Hernandez. Both are pictured above. Both are very cute. Both could really use a father figure in their lives.

11. To Reiterate:

To Reiterate:
"Again, any and all breakup rumors are definitely false and it’s ridiculous not spending Christmas together is what’s behind them," DeJesus told Us Weekly. "We each have families we had to spend Christmas with, to be clear."

12. What About That Future?

What About That Future?
"I will be spending New Year’s with him," DeJesus concluded. This isn't exactly the "future" scoop we were hoping for, but fair enough. We won't make plans to attend the wedding just yet.

13. Farewell, Javi?

Farewell, Javi?
On December 11, Javi said he was being deployed for the second time, telling Radar Online: "I wasn’t expecting this at all" and adding that DeJesus is 'what’s keeping me together right now."

14. And That's Not the Only Hurdle

And That's Not the Only Hurdle
Briana and Javi have a lot working in their favor. But they also have a lot working against them...

15. Going the Distance

Going the Distance
Bri and Javi live in Florida and Delaware, respectively. The good news is, they both have plenty of time and money to travel. The bad news is, permanently relocating would be difficult for both of them, due to their family situations.

16. Baby Mama Drama

Baby Mama Drama
Another issue facing the couple is Kailyn Lowry's disapproval of the romance. Kail and Briana are longtime rivals, and Lowry has gone on record as saying she believes DeJesus is hooking up with Javi as an act of revenge. As the mother of his son, Kailyn could potentially make life very difficult for Javi if his relationship with Briana continues.

17. DeJesus Disses

DeJesus Disses
And despite what Briana claims, it looks as though Briana's family does NOT approve of Javi. In addition to those tweets from her mother, there have been numerous occasions on which Bri's sister, Brittany, has talked trash about Marroquin. In a recent Instagram live stream, she referred to Javi as "my sister's raggedy-ass boyfriend."

18. A Brief History Lesson:

A Brief History Lesson:
Marroquin and DeJesus were first linked romatically in October. They did celebrate Javi's 25th birthday together earlier this month, while Briana did attend Lincoln's birthday in November. It was really just Christmas they spent apart.

19. So, Will They Last?

So, Will They Last?
Neither Teen Mom personality has a very successful dating resume. But have they just been waiting to find each other? Let us know what you think: Do Javi and Briana have a legitimate future as a couple?

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