Mackenzie Standifer: I Saved Ryan Edwards' Life!!!

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Oh, that Mackenzie Standifer ... has Teen Mom ever had such a universally hated cast member?

Well, there was the complete douchebaggery that was Matt Baier. And most people have pretty strong feelings against Farrah Abraham.

Mackenzie's husband, Ryan Edwards, has never been that likable himself.

But still, there's just something special about Mackenzie, something that makes her so very easy to despise.

And she's making that even easier with a new blog she wrote about Ryan's addiction ...

1. Suspicious ...

Suspicious ...
If you've watched Teen Mom at all in the past few years, you've probably noticed that Ryan's seemed a little bit ... off. From his bugged out eyes to his disappearances to "the bank" for hours every day, something just wasn't right with him.

2. The Big Reveal

The Big Reveal
Turns out, that "something" was drugs.

3. Understandable Tears

Understandable Tears
As Maci revealed in an episode last season, Ryan had been struggling with addiction. She didn't give out any details, but it was obvious that Ryan was into something bad.

4. Heroin?

At one point last season, Maci said that a friend of Ryan's had texted her and let her know that things had somehow gotten even worse for him, and though again she didn't get into specifics, the news obviously shook her up. Then, in this scene from the season finale, fans spotted what looked like track marks on Ryan's arms.

5. What a Nightmare

What a Nightmare
After fans spotted those alleged track marks, they saw Ryan nod off while driving himself and Mackenzie to their parking lot wedding. It was definitely one of the most shocking moments in the history of Teen Mom, and it made it clear that Ryan had a big, big problem.

6. Yep, Heroin

Yep, Heroin
And on an episode this season, it was confirmed that Ryan was doing heroin, so there's that tragic little tidbit.

7. Honeymooning in Rehab

Honeymooning in Rehab
Shortly after that wedding, Ryan was sent off to rehab. He spent three weeks or so recovering from being addicted to heroin, which is totally enough time. Seriously, it's fine. He's fine now.

8. The Great Savior

The Great Savior
And, to hear Mackenzie tell it, she is solely responsible for Ryan even being alive today. She said as much at the reunion special that aired over the summer, and she's saying the same thing in a new blog she posted up on her website.

9. What Do I Do?

What Do I Do?
The blog, titled "What Do I Do?", opens up with "I am the wife of a recovering addict. Woah... that’s hard to say. The love of my life is recovering from a strong addiction to heroin and will be seven months sober in a few short days (woohoo)."

10. Sure, Mackenzie

Sure, Mackenzie
She writes that she's "received numerous messages on Instagram asking how to help loved ones and I have decided to put together a post with a few things I’ve learned over the past seven months." And we're sure those are the kinds of messages she receives on Instagram. Totally.

11. Interesting ...

Interesting ...
"The day I found out what was happening," she claims, "I called an interventionist. Immediately. I needed backup and guidance and I needed it now." She explained the situation to the interventionist, and he helped her figure out what to do next.

12. Keep in Mind ...

Keep in Mind ...
According to the story Mackenzie told at the reunion, the day she found out what was happening with Ryan was also her wedding day. So meshing these two stories together, she got married, then went home and started planning an intervention. Remember that as her story goes on, because it gets pretty weird.

13. Boundaries

She says that the man she spoke with talked to her about boundaries. "I distinctly remember him saying, would you give up if he was dying?" she recounts. "I said no. He reminded me that if Ryan didn’t get help, HE WOULD DIE. For me, my boundary was Ryan deciding to get help. If he didn’t want it, I couldn’t make him get it.. but I couldn’t support that behavior."

14. GIRL

After she got off the phone with the intervention guy, she says that she "wrote a letter to Ryan. In short, it spoke of our good times, our first date, our boys growing up and how I wanted him to be there for future times. It reiterated how much more he loved his family a than his drug of choice."

15. Mustang, Out

Mustang, Out
"When he was ready to get help, I would be there. But until then, I couldn’t do that. I left the letter, took the dog, got in my mustang and left. Then the waiting game started."

16. That Timeline Tho

That Timeline Tho
Again, this is all supposed to have happened on her wedding night. He nodded off in the car, she married him anyway, then went home, wrote him a letter about how she couldn't be with him if he was on drugs, then left. In what universe does that make sense? Not this one, that's for sure.

17. Yikes

What happened next, according to Mac here, was that "texts of hatred started flowing in" from Ryan. Still, "I only responded with, I love you. Are you ready to get help? I cut off all communication. Just because loved ones that are addicts say mean things... they don’t mean them. It’s the drug talking for them."

18. ... OK

... OK
And that's true, of course, but again, it's a hell of a way to spend your first night as husband and wife, you know?

19. Real Talk

Real Talk
"If they want help, they will accept it," she advises. "You can’t beat yourself up over it. It may take days, months, years. That’s where your boundaries come in to play. You have to decide for yourself what you’re willing to take. No one can do that for you..."

20. Them Bootstraps

Them Bootstraps
In another surprisingly good piece of advice, Mackenzie says "You are going through this traumatic experience too. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, be strong and go to a group/get counseling. It works guys. It’s definitely necessary and it is also completely okay to not be okay."

21. #Prayers

"I’m a firm believer in Jesus Christ," she concludes her post. "He’s never left me stranded. He is always in my corner. Miracles are real and they happen everyday. Without this faith I wouldn’t be here to be saying this."

22. Congrats (?!)

Congrats (?!)
We're glad that Mackenzie feels like she and Ryan are in a good enough place right now for her to give advice like this, and if this is all true, then good for her. But ... really? Is this how it went down? And we're still supposed to believe she didn't know about the drugs until that season finale? Mackenzie. Girl. Please.

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