Ashley Martson Talks Baby Plans with Jay Smith: Is She Pregnant?

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Ashley Martson is a busy woman.

Between somehow fixing her marriage to Jay Smith and intensely feuding with Jax Taylor, the 90 Day Fiance alum has her hands full.

Her hands could get a whole lot more full.

She and Jay have been teasing the idea of having a baby together ever since their reconciliation earlier this year.

Now, folks, Ashley is laying out specific plans for the baby.

And she has some test results to show her followers. ...

1. Is Ashley Martson pregnant with Jay Smith's baby?

Is Ashley Martson pregnant with Jay Smith's baby?
Fans have been hounding her for a while about this. And Ashley herself just posted a photo of a pregnancy test while talking to fans. And no, it wasn't some clickbait thing to someone else's pregnancy news.

2. They have a long history

They have a long history
Ashley met Jay in Jamaica. She was there for a friend's wedding. He was there because he lived there. She saw a tall hottie dancing and was lovestruck. At the time, she had no idea that he was still in his teens.

3. They had a wedding ceremony

They had a wedding ceremony
This was not a legally binding event, but allowed Jay's family to participate in the wedding before they went to the US to be legally married -- and, of course, to film their first (but not last!) season of 90 Day Fiance.

4. They got married for real

They got married for real
Even though Ashley's friends feared that he was already cheating on her and would do so again, Ashley went through with her marriage to Jay, getting married in the US.

5. But then

But then
Almost immediately after their wedding, Jay downloaded Tinder, an app that he would later claim that he thought was for "making friends." Fun fact: they have Tinder in Jamaica and there is just no way that a grown man with his sexual history thought that. Ashley caught him talking to a(n adult) high school girl.

6. She was furious

She was furious
On camera, Ashley declared that she was "done" with Jay. What kind of guy is video chatting with a teenage girl just three days after his wedding? We'll tell you what kind of a guy -- a cheater.

7. And yet ...

And yet ...
At the Tell All special, Ashley revealed that despite Jay's lame excuses, she was going to give him another chance and try to make it work.

8. So they stayed together

So they stayed together
They were together for weeks or even months after their season ended.

9. Then they filmed for Happily Ever After?

Then they filmed for Happily Ever After?
That winter, they filmed for the popular spinoff. Unfortunately, that meant that cameras were there to capture Ashley's next humiliation.

10. What next humiliation, you ask?

What next humiliation, you ask?
Jay was hanging out with his buddies at the barbershop when he saw a hot girl, that hot girl saw his hot self, and they went to the bathroom and boned.

11. Ashley found out

Ashley found out
She asked his friends, who not only told Ashley what had gone down, but showed her a security tape. Obviously, they weren't recording the bathroom -- but they had a recording of the owner roughing up Jay for disrespecting his establishment by laying pipe in his place of business.

12. Jay's time was up

Jay's time was up
This was in early January of 2019. Ashley had given Jay a second chance, on the grounds that he had not actually done any extramarital boning (because she caught him at the video chatting stage). This time, there was just no denying it, even in her mind.

13. She kicked Jay out

She kicked Jay out
Literally, she ordered him out of her house, even though he had repeatedly denied cheating. Only once he was forced out into the cold night did he admit, on camera, that he had cheated.

14. Ashley was through

Ashley was through
Knowing that Jay would never willingly surrender his key or respect her boundaries, Ashley got a friend's support as she changed the locks on her house.

15. As for Jay's things

As for Jay's things
Ashley packed them all up to turn over to him. Incidentally, this would not be the last time that she did so.

16. This wasn't just a separation

This wasn't just a separation
Ashley told Jay that under no uncertain terms, she wants a divorce. Ashley filed for that divorce on January 11 of 2019. Trying to get Jay to sign, however, would prove more difficult.

17. She tried to pressure him to sign on camera

She tried to pressure him to sign on camera
Knowing that he would refuse the second that they were alone, Ashley hoped that the social pressure of the cameras and production crew would strongarm Jay into granting her the divorce that she wanted. He did not budge.

18. Still, it was over

Still, it was over
Until, days later, Ashley was found unresponsive at home. She had experienced a frightening kidney failure as part of her ongoing battle with Lupus. She was rushed to the hospital ... and Jay rushed to her side.

19. They reconciled

They reconciled
Not even two weeks after filing for divorce, Ashley withdrew her filing. Jay was sure to brag about getting back with her on Instagram.

20. They were making it work

They were making it work
Jay watched after Ashley as she recovered from that and yet another hospitalization. Together, they weathered a fraud scandal after Jay went live from an Instagram account that had been badmouthing the two of them. Fans accused them of milking them for sympathy, and even castmates were disgusted.

21. You'll never guess what happened next

You'll never guess what happened next
Jay cheated again. This time, Ashley discovered that it wasn't a bathroom hookup, but a longterm affair with a mistress he had picked out for himself. In April of 2019, Ashley put Jay on blast on Instagram.

22. She was devastated

She was devastated
It wasn't just that she had given Jay every chance and he had thrown it all away and humiliated her. It was that she truly loved him, and he had broken her heart yet again.

23. She needed a break

She needed a break
After a lot of crying and an incident in which she allegedly hurled a fire extinguisher through Jay's window after arriving for a booty call only to hear other women's voices from his residence, Ashley went on a family cruise in June 2019 for a much-needed getaway.

24. While she was gone ...

While she was gone ...
Jay allegedly broke into her home and removed some property. Since she had once again bagged his belongings and delivered them to her, we are unclear on what he took. This led Ashley to take out a PFA order, presenting the court with evidence of alleged abuse during their relationship. That, for the record, is infinitely worse than any amount of cheating.

25. Jay immediately violated the order

Jay immediately violated the order
Boasting on Instagram that no PFA could hold him back was, in fact, a violation of the PFA. As a non-citizen and with no one to pay his bail (we're not Jay fans but cash bail merely criminalizes being poor and must end), Jay spent almost all of July 2019 behind bars in ICE custody.

26. But then ...

But then ...
Jay's boss at the tattoo shop put up thousands of his own money to pay Jay's bail, after Jay had spent four weeks locked away. Jay's mistress-turned-girlfriend, Kayla O'Brien, was thrilled to be reunited with him.

27. Was this THEIR happily ever after?

Was this THEIR happily ever after?
Kayla, who through Jay had been convinced that Ashley was the villain of the story, seemed very happy with Jay ... until she wasn't.

28. Jay and Kayla broke up

Jay and Kayla broke up
Jay and Ashley, by coincidence, showed up to the same event late that summer, and Kayla was quick to voice her fear that her ex was going to get back with his wife. From her perspective, this would be bad for him -- not for Ashley.

29. Guess what?

Guess what?
We were SO sure that it was mere rumor that Ashley and Jay were once again knocking boots. We were overly optimistic. In October, Ashley revealed that she and Jay had broken up yet again.

30. Why did they break up this time?

Why did they break up this time?
We know that this will shock you, so brace yourself: Jay cheated. We know. SO out of character. This time, one of his side pieces claimed to him and to Ashley that she was pregnant. Jay denied this and allegedly the girl was never pregnant, just trying to break him up with Ashley so that he would only be with her. Only the first part of that plan worked.

31. It was a nasty breakup

It was a nasty breakup
Ashley was upset, and Jay kept trying to worm his way back into her life. At the time, she put her foot down.

32. She was devastated

She was devastated
Ashley felt like she had somehow "failed" by not staying with the man who had repeatedly cheated on her and humiliated her in front of an audience of millions. Leaving a cheater isn't failure, it's self-care.

33. Ashley wanted to finally be granted her divorce

Ashley wanted to finally be granted her divorce
Jay had always balked at signing the papers. Staying married to Ashley was simply too convenient.

34. But then ... a Christmas miracle?

But then ... a Christmas miracle?
In late December, Ashley announced -- and gave THG the exclusive -- that Jay had finally signed divorce papers. Hooray!

35. Still, Ashley was not happy

Still, Ashley was not happy
In early January 2020, Ashley lamented that she might be alone forever. Some people just do not like being single. She was also still thoroughly heartbroken over Jay.

36. Then, a twist

Then, a twist
Ashley revealed in early 2020 that though Jay had signed the divorce papers, he had not dated them properly -- and she noted that this was certainly intentional. The papers were therefore invalid, and she was back to square one. She and Jay were still, legally speaking, married.

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