Chelsea Houska: Hiding a Baby Bump? Pregnant With Fourth Child?!

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Chelsea Houska is different from the other cast members of MTV's Teen Mom franchise in one very important way:

While Jenelle, Farrah, Amber and company serve as dire cautionary tales, the Housk is a walking happy ending.

Ever since Houska married Cole DeBoer, it's seemed as though her life gets even better with each passing year.

With her daughter Aubree and their two littler kids Watson and Layne, they've made a beautiful little life together.

And now, it looks like the 28-year-old pride of South Dakota may be hiding even more incredible news:

Fans suspect that she's pregnant with her fourth child!

Yes, the Teen Mom obsessives have been poring over Chelsea's recent pics, and, well, the evidence is there.

Or so they think. Sure looks to us like Chelsea's hiding baby bump, but take a look and decide for yourselves.

1. Knocked Up?

Knocked Up?
Fans think Chelsea Houska is trying (and failing) to conceal a baby bump in the latest photos of her which have been shared to social media. Many are now convinced that the beloved Teen Mom 2 star is expecting her fourth child.

2. What to Expect When Chelsea's Expecting

What to Expect When Chelsea's Expecting
Now comes the time when fans begin dissecting Chelsea's every social media post in search of signs that she's got a bun in the oven, and it looks like some pretty substantial clues have been unearthed.

3. Easing Off the 'Gram

Easing Off the 'Gram
For one thing, Chelsea has been posting less frequently in general. This picture of her and husband Cole DeBoer is from nearly a week ago. Of course, she's also been under scrutiny for her social media content - along with every other MTV personality - in light of recent events, so dialing it back may be due to that as well. Nevertheless ...

4. Give It Away Now

Give It Away Now
Houska's most recent pic is this one, in which she poses with a camera she's giving away. Fans have remarked on what they feel is a bit of strategic cropping. Circumstantial evidence, to be sure, but definitely an interesting angle for cropping nonetheless.

5. The Evidence

The Evidence
Perhaps it's wishful thinking, but a big chunk of Chelsea's 5.7 million followers on Instagram are pointing to additional "evidence," such as this picture, in which they claim that Houska appears to be hiding a bump.

6. Bumpin' Out

Bumpin' Out
This is another recent photo of Chelsea. As you can see, she's hanging out with friends, but - you know where we're going with this - fans zeroed right in on her midsection.

7. You Make the Call

You Make the Call
Is there cause for celebration? Or are fans simply making a bump out of a stomach? (A stomach of a woman who looks tremendous, by the way, whether she's got a bun in the oven or not.)

8. Let the Speculation Begin!

Let the Speculation Begin!
You might feel that there's simply not enough evidence to decide - and you would be right - but there's more to the online sleuthing to that, ladies and gentlemen.

9. Bump Detectives

Bump Detectives
If you thought that Chelsea fans would refrain from jumping to wild conclusions about the state of Houska's uterus because she hasn't commented on it directly, well, you must not be familiar with this thing called the Internet. You know it hasn't!

10. Premature Congratulations?

Premature Congratulations?
On Chelsea's Instagram and on Teen Mom fan pages all over social media, fans either know something we don't, or are trying to will this pregnancy into existence, because they are already full-on giddy with the news that Houska is expecting.

11. Details, Details

Details, Details
They seem wholly unbothered by the fact that she has made no official announcement or even strongly hinted that she's expecting. Why let the lack of official confirmation get in the way of an awesome story we all want, right??

12. Ouch

The problem with bump speculation, of course, is that if your guess isn't accurate, well, it's wildly insulting. You're telling a woman she looks like she's pregnant - and not even the cutest looking pregnant person doesn't gain weight in the process. So if a person who isn't pregnant hears that people are assuming they're expecting, well ... you get the idea.

13. Bumping Along

Bumping Along
This potential faux pas, of course, has not stopped fans from picking apart Chelsea's pics and announcing their findings and feelings across their various social channels.

14. Could Be!

Could Be!
Some die hard fans of the Housk went a little more in-depth in their analysis of the situation, noting that a pregnancy would be in keeping with Chelsea's history.

15. A Feeling

A Feeling
Sometimes, a feeling is all it takes. Not in this case, though. We won't know anything for sure until Chelsea makes an announcement.

16. Rushing to Judgment?

Rushing to Judgment?
As you can see, the card-carrying members of Teen Mom Nation are basically picking out names already. But there are some skeptics out there, too.

17. Booze Clues

Booze Clues
These people point to one major piece of evidence as an indication that Chelsea is not expecting: Apparently, the girl has been partying like a madman lately. Or a madwoman. Or just a woman who enjoys having a good time.

18. Knocking 'Em Back

Knocking 'Em Back
Yes, several followers have pointed out that Houska was drinking - or appeared to be drinking - as recently as a week ago.

19. Case Closed?

Case Closed?
Obviously, this would seem to poke a major hole in the pregnancy narrative. But we can't say for sure. Maybe that was an alcoholic beverage, maybe it wasn't. Maybe she had just one (which is probably harmless). We just don't know.

20. Then Again ...

Then Again ...
Of course, it's not as though any of these people breathalyzed Chelsea, or otherwise confirmed that the drink in her hand contained booze. (Unless you were somehow there and you did, in which case email us so we can confirm or deny this please.)

21. The Pattern

The Pattern
Fortunately, if Chelsea is expecting, fans won't have to wait long to find out. This is not a woman who hides her pregnancies for very long. (Possibly for reasons like we've been describing for the last couple of minutes.)

22. If Ya Got It, Flaunt It

If Ya Got It, Flaunt It
Typically, Chelsea makes an announcement roughly around the time she starts showing. So ...

23. Another DeBoer?

Another DeBoer?
After all, this is not a mom who would be feeling conflicted about another pregnancy. As many fans have pointed out, she not only seems like a natural with the current three, but has indicated that she'd want to grow the family even further.

24. Why Not?

Why Not?
A fourth kid has been in the plans for Chelsea and Cole for quite some time, or so they've led us to believe. Now is as good a time as any. We're all stuck at home anyways and we're not getting any younger!

25. Going Out on a Limb

Going Out on a Limb
So if Chelsea is pregnant, The Hollywood Gossip dot com and all of its staff members and affiliated web properties would like to be the first to offer our congratulations. And if she's not ... well, we'll congratulate her again when she is - and most importantly, we congratulate her regardless on living a happy and fulfilling life!

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