Ashley Martson and Jay Smith: We Fixed Our Marriage. Now What?

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Back in March, Ashley Martson and Jay Smith got back together and even spoke about the idea of having a baby together.

90 Day Fiance fans continue to watch the couple's story unfold with fascination ever since TLC first introduced us to them.

Now, Ashley says, after all the ups and downs, she and Jay are taking steps to cement their newfound commitment.

Originally, they married in 2018, but so much has happened between them (and others) since then.

It's time for a fresh start.

That means a lot of things, but first among them - it's time for renewed vows ... and brand new rings.

1. They want a fresh start

They want a fresh start
Ashley and Jay have revealed that they're giving themselves a clean slate when it comes to their marriage.

2. It started off so happily

It started off so happily
Ashley was in Jamaica when she met Jay. He was tall, hot, and in the club with her.

3. They were 13 years apart

They were 13 years apart
But Ashley didn't know that at first. She met this tall man in a club and had no idea that he was a teenager until she had to get his documents from his mother as they made plans for their wedding and his K-1 visa.

4. They married anyway!

They married anyway!
First, they had a ceremony in Jamaica so that Jay's family could be in attendance. Then, on 90 Day Fiance, they got married in the United States.

5. Then, Jay cheated

Then, Jay cheated
Jay downloaded Tinder almost immediately after their wedding. It was just a few days later that Ashley caught him video chatting with a high school girl. Yes, they were both adults (and just a few years apart), but ... Ashley was furious.

6. Ashley decided to let it go

Ashley decided to let it go
Despite some understandable anger on her part, Ashley declared at the Tell All that she was giving Jay another chance -- since he'd been caught before he could meet up with the girl, he hadn't physically cheated.

7. They went on to film Happily Ever After?

They went on to film Happily Ever After?
Ashley was dealing with a lot of trust issues after Jay's Tinder scandal. Jay was dealing with apparent confusion over why Ashley was so mad. As you can imagine, things got worse.

8. It happened again!

It happened again!
This time, Jay's cheating was in-person, after he boned a random young woman in the bathroom of a barbershop. Ashley found out after the owner told her. He even presented her with evidence -- namely, with a video of him roughing up Jay for disrespecting his establishment like that.

9. Ashley was furious

Ashley was furious
Upon learning that Jay had cheated on her -- physically this time -- Ashley was fuming and began her scolding of Jay over the phone.

10. She gave Jay the boot

She gave Jay the boot
Kicking him out of her house after his multiple denials, it was only when he stood outside that he admitted to the cameras that he had cheated on Ashley ... though he continued to express bewilderment over Ashley's reaction.

11. Meanwhile ...

Meanwhile ...
In the house, Ashley packed up Jay's belongings into large trash bags to send them along with him. Notably, this would not be the last time.

12. She also changed the locks

She also changed the locks
It would later turn out that this was exactly the right move, as Jay apparently felt entitled to enter her home because they were still married.

13. Ashley filed for divorce

Ashley filed for divorce
She made the filing on January 11, 2019, but Jay was extremely reluctant to sign divorce papers. This, too, would prove to be part of a pattern.

14. But then ...

But then ...
It was not long after that divorce filing that Ashley collapsed at home. When she was found unresponsive, she was rushed to the hospital. Her kidneys were failing in the face of her chronic battle with Lupus. Jay rushed to her side.

15. They called off the divorce

They called off the divorce
Just 11 days after Ashley had filed for divorce, she withdrew her filing. Jay tended to Ashley during her recovery after this and another hospitalization. Together, they also weathered a fraud scandal after Jay accidentally went live from an Instagram account that had been "leaking" their photos, an apparent misguided bid for sympathy.

16. Then ...

Then ...
Maybe three months later, Ashley announced that she and Jay were parting ways, sharing that she had uncovered evidence that he had not just cheated again, but had an ongoing affair with a specific mistress for MONTHS.

17. Despite that, they did a photoshoot

Despite that, they did a photoshoot
An agreement is an agreement, after all, and they got some cool swag after posing for the situationally ironic photos.

18. It was a mess

It was a mess
At one point, Ashley allegedly yeeted a fire extinguisher through the windows of Jay's rented room -- after going over for a booty call only to hear the voices of other women from inside the room. Like we said, a MESS.

19. Ashley opted for a much-needed vacation

Ashley opted for a much-needed vacation
Around the Summer Solstice in June of 2019, Ashley headed to New York to party during Pride Month and then joined her family on a much-needed family cruise.

20. While she was away ...

While she was away ...
Ashley was on a cruise, but during that time away from home, Jay allegedly broke into her home and removed things.

21. When she got back

When she got back
Ashley took out a restraining order -- specifically, a Protection From Abuse order, presenting evidence of alleged spousal abuse to the court. Jay was forbidden from approaching her, her home, or discussing the order on social media.

22. He violated that almost immediately

He violated that almost immediately
In the first days of July, Jay posted about the PFA on Instagram. Law enforcement saw the photo and dragged his butt to jail. Since he is not a US citizen, he ended up spending weeks (almost all of July 2019) in ICE custody.

23. But then ...

But then ...
Jay's boss at the tattoo parlor put up thousands of his own dollars to bail out Jay, to the delight of Jay's girlfriend, Kayla O'Brien.

24. Jay was glad to be out

Jay was glad to be out
He and Kayla partied hard ... until they didn't. They ended up breaking up, and Kayla immediately expressed her concerns.

25. Concerns?

She warned that she was worried that Jay and Ashley would get back together. It was a worry that most of us laughed off. After all, SURELY Ashley wouldn't take Jay back again after all of that! Right? RIGHT???

26. Oh no ...

Oh no ...
That's right, Ashley and Jay got together, only breaking up AGAIN in the middle of October of 2019. They only confirmed their reconciliation upon splitting.

27. What happened this time?

What happened this time?
This time, not only had Jay cheated -- a true shocker -- but one of his side pieces was claiming to him and to Ashley that she was pregnant. This later turned out to be untrue, but only when Jay confronted her and had her take a pregnancy test.

28. Ashley was DONE

Ashley was DONE
She wanted Jay to please, PLEASE sign her divorce papers.

29. Finally, he signed the papers ...

Finally, he signed the papers ...
In late December, Jay finally signed the divorce papers, almost an entire year after Ashley's initial filing for divorce.

30. But ...

But ...
Early in 2020, Ashley revealed that Jay had "accidentally" gotten the date wrong beside his signature, which invalidated the entire thing. Yet another intentional delay tactic, she explained. He enjoyed the benefits of being married to her too much to grant her the divorce that she needed.

31. Then ...

Then ...
As the COVID-19 pandemic raged across the planet, the (deeply shady) video app TikTok and specific video challenges with it became increasingly popular. Ashley used this particular challenge to reveal that she and Jay were back together. At first, we all assumed that it was trolling.

32. It was all too real

It was all too real
Ashley and Jay explained, after days of teasing fans, that yes, they were sheltering in place together and they were BACK together. March was a long, crazy month.

33. They shared more

They shared more
Ashley and Jay launched their own YouTube channel to speak directly to fans, telling them that they're making it work despite ... well, despite the entire history that we just laid out for you.

34. NOW

Ashley admits to In Touch Weekly: "Our marriage didn’t start off well." That's true.

35. It's bittersweet, to say the least

It's bittersweet, to say the least
"And," Ashley shares, their marriage's rough start "left us with a lot of bad memories." Yes, we're sure that Jay is haunted with guilt at the memories of laying pipe wherever he wants.

36. They want a clean slate

They want a clean slate
"We are trying to start fresh with new vows and wedding bands,” Ashley reveals. That's exciting!

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