Andrew Glennon to MTV: FIRE Amber Portwood or the Next Time She Beats Someone, It's On YOU!

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Back in July, legendary Teen Mom cast member Amber Portwood was arrested after allegedly assaulting then-boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

The details of the attack were ugly. Real ugly.

According to a police report, Amber attacked Andrew with a machete and struck him while he holding James, the duo's 1-year-old son.

From there, the situation only got worse, thanks to a series of audio recordings that proved Amber had been abusive toward Andrew.

Many expected that Portwood would be fired by the network in the wake of such alarming evidence - but shockingly, she still has a job.

And now, Andrew is speaking out for the first time about this shocking turn of events, making very clear who he deems responsible.

Take a look:

1. Better Days

Better Days
Amber and Andrew's relationship was always unstable, but it wasn't until this month that we realized just how bad things were.

2. Exposed

Ever since Amber's arrest on domestic violence charges back in July, Andrew has been hinting that the world will soon learn the truth about his abusive ex.

3. He Wasn't Lying

He Wasn't Lying
That happened much sooner than expected, as the evidence against Amber was revealed well before her case went to trial.

4. Disturbing Content

Earlier this month, journalist Katie Joy obtained three separate audio clips in which Amber can be hard berating and physically assaulting Andrew.

5. Trigger Warning

We'd like to caution our readers that these clips may be triggering to those suffered physical or psychological abuse.

6. Truly Horrendous

In the audio, Amber repeatedly hits Andrew. She threatens to murder him. She fantasizes about him getting gang-raped.

7. The Logical Next Step

The Logical Next Step
Teen Mom producers have fired previous franchise stars for much, much less -- so it was widely assumed that Portwood would be the next to go.

8. Shocking Turn of Events

Shocking Turn of Events
But for some reason, MTV and parent company Viacom have reached the decision to continue working with Amber.

9. She's Back

She's Back
“Amber has 100 percent filmed for the new season,” a production insider told The Ashley's Reality Roundup. “She is not being fired by MTV."

10. Courtroom Drama

Courtroom Drama
“[The producers] plan to film with Amber through her court trial [for the domestic battery charges]," said the insider.

11. A Judge Will Decide

A Judge Will Decide
"Whatever happens, [in court] will obviously dictate if she remains on the show or not," the source adds.

12. Getting Away With It

Getting Away With It
According to The Ashley, execs at MTV and Viacom held a meeting after the audio recordings emerged earlier this month.

13. Pure Cowardice

Pure Cowardice
Not only did they decide against firing Portwood, they also decided not to issue a statement about the new evidence. The motivation behind this decision? Ratings, of course.

14. What Redemption?

What Redemption?
“They want to show her redemption story," said the source. Okay, but we have a couple of questions: 1. Hasn't that already aired, given that she's been to prison before, and attacked her first kid's father before? 2. What would qualify as beyond "redemption" in the eyes of MTV if assault on a partner with your baby son involved doesn't pass that treshold? 3. Does that mean Jenelle should get that chance too then?

15. The American Way

The American Way
On his Instagram Story, Andrew made some not-so-subtle references to the controversial decision to allow Amber to keep her job - a decision even more puzzling in the wake of Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans getting canned from the franchise.

16. The Employed Attacker

The Employed Attacker
Glennon has not been mincing words in recent weeks, and he now - likely in response to a contingent of Portwood fans who somehow insist on victim-blaming - refers to Amber as his attacker.

17. Appalling

Andrew has also been speaking up about Amber's alleged abuse of her 1-year-old son. If the allegations are true, it goes without saying that such behavior is as strartling as it is appalling.

18. Making Choices

Making Choices
Glennon clearly feels that as much as Amber has battled some pretty severe inner demons, and blames her violent behavior on her mental illness, she has repeatedly made the choice to attack others, and that can't be overlooked.

19. It's On

It's On
It's not yet clear when Andrew and Amber will square off in court, but it's inevitable, and we think it's safe to say this battle is sure to get even uglier.

20. On the Line

On the Line
It's no exaggeration to say that just about everything is at stake for Amber in her upcoming legal battle.

21. Finally Kicked to the Curb?

Finally Kicked to the Curb?
As we mentioned earlier, if she's found guilty, Amber will almost certainly get fired from Teen Mom OG -- the show that made her famous, as well as the only job she's ever had.

22. Back to the Clink?

Back to the Clink?
On top of that, there's a chance that Amber could once again be sent to prison for her crimes.

23. Sweet Baby James

Sweet Baby James
On top of all that, Amber could potentially lose the right to visit her 1-year-old son.

24. Finally Safe

Finally Safe
Currently, Amber is prohibited from contacting Glennon and she's only allowed to see James during brief supervised visitation sessions.

25. Muzzled

Insiders say Amber's lawyers have instructed her to remain off social media, so we don't know exactly how she feels about the situation -- but we're guessing she's less than thrilled.

26. More to Come ...

More to Come ...
We'll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.

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Andrew Ad 3

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Andrew Ad 2

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Andrew Ad 1

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