Kailyn Lowry: Chris Lopez Got Some Chick Pregnant ... But IDGAF! Stop Asking Me About His D--k! [UPDATED]

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We probably don't need to tell you that the relationship between Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez has seen its share of ups and downs over the years.

Kail and Chris have a kid together, of course, and she's often appeared to be far more smitten with him than with her previous baby daddies.

So when word got out just hours ago that Chris is expecting a second child with another woman, well, we knew it was about to go down.

As Teen Mom Nation braced itself for a social media meltdown, Kail tried to play it cool at first, but it wasn't long before insults started flying.

Take a look at shocking turn of events in the Life of Lowry and how it's playing out on the Internet this morning ... for better or worse:

1. Kail and Chris

Kail and Chris
Say what you will about Kail, who now has three sons by three different guys and has taken a lot of grief for that, she did her damnedest to make things work with Chris. In fact, she persevered well after it became clear that he just wasn't that into her.

2. Lux in the Middle

Lux in the Middle
At first, Kail claimed that Chris was nothing more than an "Instagram dad" to baby Lux - posing for the occasional pics to give the impression that he's an attentive father who actually pulls his weight - while in reality, coming and going whenever he damn well pleases and spending very little time with the boy in real life.

3. Making it Work

Making it Work
In recent months, however, Kail's tone has softened. They've been getting along better, and she's even praised Chris' commitment to parenting, saying that he plays an important role in Lux's life. A major step in the right direction.

4. Baby Daddy With Benefits

Baby Daddy With Benefits
Naturally, Lowry's compliments prompted rumors that she and Lopez were back together romantically. Is that the case? Was it? Depends on who you ask and when ... and it's not clear that they can even answer that question. It does appear that they've been on and off quite a bit in the past year.

5. Back On the Outs

Back On the Outs
At this point, however, we think it's safe to say that Kail and Chris are 100 percent "off," as he's currently expecting a child with another woman. That bombshell dropped this morning and the aftershocks are ripping through Teen Mom Nation.

6. Confirmed By Kail

Confirmed By Kail
Kail herself confirmed the news, at least it would appear by this response to a fan on Twitter. While she pretended not to be bothered by it, we think it's quite clear she's not exactly thrilled about the situation.

7. Would He Really Do That?

Would He Really Do That?
For some reason, there was a persistent rumor that Chris faked the pregnancy in order to irritate Kail. To be honest, that might actually be something this weirdo would pull, but that doesn't appear to have been the case here.

8. Spilling Tea, Throwing Shade

Spilling Tea, Throwing Shade
Unless he's a really good actor and very committed to a very unfunny practical joke, Chris eventually confirmed the news himself during an Instagram Live session. He also threw shade at Kail's taste in men.

9. The Lisping Ex

The Lisping Ex
C-Lo joked that it would never work out with Kail because he doesn't look like a 12-year-old boy with a lisp. Wow that's harsh ... and begs the question: Does Javi Marroquin have a lisp? Does he look young for his age? Whatever the case, fans seem convinced that Lopez was referring to Kail's ex-husband.

10. Taking It In Stride

Taking It In Stride
Needless to say, it was a rough weekend for Kail on the socials - but she seems to be taking it all in stride. Or trying to give the impression that she is.

11. Not Making It Easy

Not Making It Easy
And it can't be easy to maintain a level-head, as one of the people throwing shade at Kail is none other than - you guessed it - the father of her third child, and purported expectant dad once again, Chris Lopez.

12. It's Still Her Life, Folks

It's Still Her Life, Folks
Yes, Kail reminded fans that she provides for her kids, doesn't need a man, and as such, is free to have another child with someone else if she so chooses. And for reasons that aren't entirely clear, Lopez took issue with that remark.

13. But Who is Chris?

But Who is Chris?
Chris has been something of a household name among Teen Mom 2 fans for over two years now, and yet also an engima. Relatively little is known about him due to his reluctance to shoot scenes for the show.

14. More Than

More Than
If he were just a baby daddy who came and went from Kail's life during her pregnancy (i.e. Andrew Lewis and Jenelle Evans) we wouldn't be so interested. But from the way he was shrouded in mystery from the start, and that fact that he's continued to play a central role in her life, Lopez has continued to fascinate fans.

15. Living the Life

Living the Life
Despite his reluctance to appear on camera, Chris has frequently enjoyed the perks of a six-figure MTV salary. Of course, it's Kail's money that he's spending, not his own - a fact that critics are quick to point out online.

16. The Island Life

The Island Life
The fact that Lopez has been known to join Lowry on her lavish vacays has led many to believe that she was holding out hope for a reconciliation until very recently ... she's not as cool with the second baby mama news as she pretends to be.

17. But Maybe Not?

But Maybe Not?
In fact, folks think Kail isn't interested in Chris at all - and has actually been hooking up with one of her other exes, to boot.

18. The Dominator

The Dominator
Remember her best friend, Dom Potter? She and Kail have were tight for years and dated briefly back in 2017.

19. Blast From the Past

Blast From the Past
There's a widespread theory that Chris was hinting at a reconciliation between Lowry and Potter.

20. Anything is Possible

Anything is Possible
It's a bit of an odd theory, given how long ago Kail and Dom dated and the fact that they've had little contact in the years since ...

21. Then Again ...

Then Again ...
But It makes more sense than Kail rekindling her romance with Javi, who's currently living his fiancee, Lauren Comeau. We know Javi and Kail are still in close contact, but it doesn't appear they're always on good terms, let alone romantic ones.

22. Major Rough Patch

Major Rough Patch
Javi and Lauren recently broke up after he was caught cheating a few weeks back - an incident that played out very publicly and which Kail says he wanted her help mediating (LOL) - but insiders say they're already back to wedding planning.

23. Challenges Ahead

Challenges Ahead
Whatever the case, Lowry may claim to have no problem with Lopez welcoming another child, but the fact remains, each new half-sibling does complicate her life with her kids in many ways.

24. Scarce Quality Time

Scarce Quality Time
Kail loves taking her boys on vacations, something that's no easy feat with three kids ... let alone three baby daddies. If all three are also dads of other kids, that's going to complicate things considerably, along with any financial support she may need or seek.

25. Dancing in September

Dancing in September
But despite the fact that he was reportedly concerned about having a kid with Kail in the first place, it seems he's overjoyed this time - a fact he proved by posting that weird dancing baby meme from the '90s. We know, Lopez is a strange dude.

26. About to Lose Her S--t

About to Lose Her S--t
Maybe it's just us, but based on this tweet, it sounds like Kail's starting to get a little tired of questions about Chris' d--k. Sadly, we don't expect the questions to cease anytime soon.

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