Amber Portwood Beats Andrew Glennon in Disturbing New Recording!

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Amber Portwood is not a good person.

She proved that when she assaulted Gary Shirley back in the day on Teen Mom, and she proved it again when she assaulted Andrew Glennon the night she got arrested.

And yeah, there are probably tons of additional examples why she's awful, but we're focusing on the abuse right now, OK?

We recently heard a horrific audio recording of her verbally abusing Andrew and threatening to kill him, all in front of their baby. 

But now, there's a brand new recording.

And it's ... well, it's not great either.

1. Surprise!

Everyone thought that Amber's relationship with Andrew was going kind of OK for a long time, but back in July, everything changed.

2. Oh No

Oh No
In the wee hours of the morning of July 5th, she was arrested after Andrew sent 911 a text saying that his life, and the life of poor little one-year-old James, was in danger.

3. Sorry, What?

Sorry, What?
According to Andrew, it all started the evening before when they were unable to go see a fireworks display because of road work. Instead of finding another display or just having a different kind of patriotic fun, she went right the hell off.

4. Seriously?

She beat him with a shoe, which she admitted to doing, and police have said that they have photos of the bruises and scratches on his neck and shoulder from this.

5. But Then ...

But Then ...
After that, things got a whole, whole lot worse.

6. Yikes

As if just the shoe assault wasn't bad enough, Andrew has said that later that night, she tried to kill herself by taking a handful of pills, but when he started to call 911, she threw them up.

7. Enter the Machete

Enter the Machete
And a while after that, she got so upset that she grabbed a machete she keeps by her bed (as a convicted felon, she's not legally allowed to own a gun, so she keeps the machete for protection, among other weapons) and chased him with it -- all while he was holding their baby.

8. Horrifying

He ran into another room with James and held the door closed with his foot while he sent the text to 911 and she allegedly hacked at the door with the machete -- police have also said that they have several photos from inside the home as evidence, so we imagine they may have some proof of this that we haven't seen yet.

9. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
Police arrived to arrest her, and she ended up being charged with three felonies -- two counts of domestic violence, and one count of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.

10. What Next?

What Next?
So now Andrew has definitely dumped Amber -- she's said that she tried to work things out and that she's also had her manager try to work things out, but no luck. He's fighting her for custody of James, and he's officially requested to take James back to his own home state of California.

11. So Sad

So Sad
Amber has been keeping quiet for the most part, although she has been making vague references to being heartbroken on social media, and she's also really running with some random rumor that Andrew cheated on her, or that he's already got a new girlfriend -- because that's way worse than domestic assault, right?

12. No Good

No Good
Oh, and she also did a little interview with Dr. Drew for the Teen Mom OG reunion special in which she called Andrew's story "insane" and made fun of him for texting 911 instead of running with James into the night, because that's what she would do if her partner came at her with a machete.

13. Fair

It seems like that interview really set Andrew off, because he's been a lot more vocal ever since -- he's made comments around Instagram that Amber had been abusing him for the past several months, and that she'd even been rough with James.

14. Boom

But a huge bombshell was dropped this week when someone, supposedly a family member of Andrew's leaked a recording from April of this year -- a recording that painted Amber in a really, really bad light.

15. There It Is ...

In the recording, released to YouTube channel Without a Crystal Ball, Amber is clearly very upset, apparently because Andrew woke her up for an appointment - the source here said it was around 2:00 in the afternoon when this happened.

16. Aggressive

Right off the bat, Amber calls him a "f-cking fat piece of sh-t" and threatens to stab him. Even better, if you listen closely, you can hear baby James cooing in the background, meaning she said that to him in front of the baby.

17. Classic Amber

Classic Amber
She calls him all sorts of sorts of awful names, she refers to James as "it," and there's one point where Andrew tells her not to throw the baby at him and she doesn't deny it.

18. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
There's also an issue with some security cameras Andrew had set up in the house -- he put them up when they went off to Malibu for a month -- and he says that she destroyed one with a sword, and she doesn't deny that either.

19. Oof

The whole thing is just awful and really difficult to listen to, but here's the thing -- there's ANOTHER recording now.

20. Amber, No

Amber, No
And it really is a doozy.

21. Gross

This fight took place on Christmas Eve, and it started because Amber was telling Andrew that "you knew I never wanted this life" and "now I'm stuck with a f-cking baby."

22. Trigger Warning

The recording begins with Amber screaming at Andrew. She says that when James is older, she'll tell him that Andrew is "a trash bag." He tells her that instead she should tell him that she didn't want him -- he's clearly upset about this, which is totally understandable -- and she goes off.

23. So, So Awful

So, So Awful
She starts screaming about how she managed not to get pregnant for ten years before Andrew, and he tries to argue with her, then we actually hear her starting to hit him. He says "ow!", and we hear her grunting "motherf-cker," along with the hits.

24. Poor James

Poor James
And then Andrew tells her to stop beating him because "I'm holding James" -- that poor kid was right there for all of this.

25. WHAT?!

She asks him again how she managed to avoid getting pregnant for so long before him, and when he doesn't have a good answer for that bizarre question she calls him an "ugly fat f-ck" and then, if you can even believe it, tells him "you don't deserve me."

26. Ugh

She tells him that she will make sure he never works in the industry again while she goes on to make thousands of dollars "because you're a f-cking abusive man who used my body."

27. Wow

A few minutes later (there's a break in the audio), she tells him to get his "ugly fat ass" and go, and to takes James with him -- that she's going to release a statement about their breakup. We hear James coo some more, then we hear Amber throwing something at Andrew.

28. Chilling

"I'll kill you," she tells him. "I will kill you. Get out." She then specifies that she's going to stab him in his neck.

29. What a Nightmare

What a Nightmare
And that's it -- awful, right?

30. Unexcusable

The woman who runs the YouTube channel explained that she cut out the middle bit of the recording because it was just a few minutes of Amber repeating herself over and over and over about how she didn't want James -- all while James was right there.

31. Such a Mess

Such a Mess
She also said that after the fight, Andrew took James downstairs and watched a movie with him, and Amber eventually calmed down.

32. Just Wow

Just Wow
It was explicitly stated that MTV wasn't there for any of this, and that this recording won't be used in either of the court cases against Amber, but still ... it's seriously disturbing, right?

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