Amber Portwood Beats Andrew Glennon in Disturbing New Recording!

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Amber Portwood is not a good person.

She proved that when she assaulted Gary Shirley back in the day on Teen Mom, and she proved it again when she assaulted Andrew Glennon the night she got arrested.

And yeah, there are probably tons of additional examples why she's awful, but we're focusing on the abuse right now, OK?

We recently heard a horrific audio recording of her verbally abusing Andrew and threatening to kill him, all in front of their baby. 

But now, there's a brand new recording.

And it's ... well, it's not great either.

1. Surprise!

Everyone thought that Amber's relationship with Andrew was going kind of OK for a long time, but back in July, everything changed.

2. Oh No

Oh No
In the wee hours of the morning of July 5th, she was arrested after Andrew sent 911 a text saying that his life, and the life of poor little one-year-old James, was in danger.

3. Sorry, What?

Sorry, What?
According to Andrew, it all started the evening before when they were unable to go see a fireworks display because of road work. Instead of finding another display or just having a different kind of patriotic fun, she went right the hell off.

4. Seriously?

She beat him with a shoe, which she admitted to doing, and police have said that they have photos of the bruises and scratches on his neck and shoulder from this.

5. But Then ...

But Then ...
After that, things got a whole, whole lot worse.

6. Yikes

As if just the shoe assault wasn't bad enough, Andrew has said that later that night, she tried to kill herself by taking a handful of pills, but when he started to call 911, she threw them up.

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