Farrah Abraham Accused of Child Abuse After Posting Shocking Video of Daughter Sophia

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Folks, it's another new low for Farrah Abraham!

For reasons that aren't entirely clear, Abraham was in attendance at the 2019 Emmys on Sunday night -- and while she didn't drag her 10-year-old daughter along as a red carpet prop like she usually does, she still took advantage of the opportunity to further traumatize poor Sophia.

Tik Tok was briefly mentioned during the ceremony, so Farrah decided it would be a perfect time to use the app to post a wildly inappropriate video starring her unfortunate offspring.

It was disgusting, there's no doubt about that -- but did it cross the line into child abuse?

That's what some of Abraham's followers are currently arguing in the comments.

Check out the nauseating clip and decide for yourself. 

1. Working the Circuit

Working the Circuit
For reasons that aren't entirely clear, Farrah and Sophia have been invited to a LOT of A-list events in recent weeks.

2. Red Carpet Randos

Red Carpet Randos
First, they attended the Venice Film Festival together. Hey, maybe Backdoor Teen Mom is considered a cinematic classic in Europe?

3. Pond-Hoppers

From there, it was off to New York to attend the launch party for Jenelle Evans' cosmetics line. Okay, so not all of the events were A-list affairs.

4. How Did This Happen?

How Did This Happen?
But the crowning event on Farrah's recently jam-packed social calendar had to be the 2019 Emmy Awards, which were held in Los Angeles Sunday night.

5. Not at the Cool Kids' Table

Not at the Cool Kids' Table
As evidenced by this hilariously sad collage she posted on Instagram, Farrah didn't get close to many stars. In fact, it looked as though she walked an entirely different red carpet.

6. Shout-Out From Sophia

Shout-Out From Sophia
Sophia was not able to join her mom at the awards, but as usual, she sang Farrah's praises in the comments section.

7. Amazon Woman

Amazon Woman
Farrah did cross paths with the world's richest man, Jeff Bezos, who almost certainly had no idea who she was.

8. The Delusion Is Strong

The Delusion Is Strong
And to make matters worse, it seems she spent the encounter blathering on about how she thinks it would be a smart move for Amazon to produce her biopic.

9. For Once, We Agree

For Once, We Agree
Don't get us wrong, we want this project to happen, too -- but only so we can bask in the unintentional hilarity.

10. Sad Sophia

Sad Sophia
Usually, Farrah likes to bring her daughter along as a sort of red carpet fashion accessory, but it seems whoever made the baffling decision to invite Ms. Abraham to the Emmys didn't grant her a plus-one.

11. Brace Yourselves ...

Brace Yourselves ...
But Sophia still played a large part in her mother's evening, thanks to a mother-daughter video the Abrahams posted after the ceremony.

12. Taking Pettiness to a New Level

It seems Farrah ended the night in a bad mood, so she decided to lift her spirits by making her daughter perform a wildly inappropriate dance on camera.

13. Fashion Rage

Fashion Rage
Yes, Farrah was unhappy with criticism of the dress she wore to the event, and so she recruited her daughter to help her shake off the hate.

14. So Wrong

So Wrong
Obviously, the video is problematic for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that Sophia is 10 years old and shouldn't be twerking on Instagram (or Tik Tok).

15. Late Nights

Late Nights
On top of that, if Farrah headed straight home after the Emmys, she would've gotten back around 10 pm. We know Sophia doesn't go to school, but surely, this is not the best way for her to be spending her Sunday nights.

16. Good Question

Good Question
"Omg, how much more inappropriate can you possibly be?" one fan commented on the video.

17. These Are Facts

These Are Facts
"Call CPS, this is abuse. And embarrassing," remarked another follower.

18. Another Good Question

Another Good Question
"Wow who is their right mind would think this is appropriate for a ten year old?" queried one especially irate viewer.

19. Major Cringe

Major Cringe
"This is cringeworthy," another user wrote. "This is so sad, poor child," yet another commented.

20. Sweet Irony

Sweet Irony
You get the point. Farrah made the video in order to "clap back" at the haters -- and she wound up receiving far more hate as a result.

21. Strange Timing

Interestingly, the world tour with Sophia comes on the heels of a series of bizarre videos in which Farrah brutally roasted her daughter.

22. Yeah, Right

Yeah, Right
Farrah claimed she was just joking, and it was all part of her new career as a comedian -- but no one was laughing.

23. Doesn't Sound Like She's Joking

Doesn't Sound Like She's Joking
"I’m not going to allow my daughter to think she can manipulate me,” Farrah ranted in one clip. “My family did it to me, my parents did it to me and now my child. You can only handle so much before I f--king crack!”

24. Her Idea of Fixing

Her Idea of Fixing
Sophia is Farrah's best friend, and insiders say she's been working hard to earn her daughter's forgiveness in the weeks since the rant went viral.

25. Heavy Spoilage

Heavy Spoilage
In addition to traveling the world with her mother, Sophia has received a number of lavish gifts in recent weeks, including an iPhone 11.

26. Poor Kid

Poor Kid
Yes, this is Farrah's idea of parenting. It might not be abusive -- but it's certainly not good.

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