Amber Portwood Welcomes Baby Boy!!!

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It's a big day for Amber Portwood!

Early this morning, she welcomed her little baby boy!

Amber Portwood with Baby Bump

Unfortunately, we don't have too many details yet -- we're sure Amber will be sharing plenty of information as soon as she's recovered and gotten settled in though.

As of now, we know that, like we said, she gave birth this morning.

It's a boy, as she revealed back in December, and his name is James Andrew Glennon.

This is Amber's second child, and her first with Andrew Glennon -- her first, of course, was the adorable Leah with Gary Shirley. 

James was his late father's name, and obviously we know where the baby's middle name comes from!

Amber originally had a due date of May 13th -- Mother's Day -- but we're not surprised she delivered a little early.

A few days ago she tweeted that she was already three centimeters dilated and "home waiting for labor!"

Amber Portwood with Andrew Glennon

On top of that, she'd revealed that she had gestational diabetes, a condition that sometimes causes doctors to induce early and that also can make for some big babies.

And since Andrew is a giant himself (he's around 6'8"), we imagine baby James is a big boy that was more than ready to make his grand entrance!

Amber has actually been pretty laid-back during her pregnancy, which was surprising, considering she can generally be a bit hot-headed, to say the least.

Maybe that's because everything happened so fast -- she was only dating Andrew for a few weeks at most when she got pregnant.

They met when Amber was doing Marriage Boot Camp with Matt Baier last June.

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier on Marriage Boot Camp

Andrew was working behind the scenes on the show, and he apparently saw something special in her.

After filming wrapped, he contacted her, and they struck up a bit of a friendship.

He went to visit her in August, and he never left.

In the beginning, Amber said they were going to take things slow and see what happened, but obviously that didn't work out so well, because in September she had her positive pregnancy test!

As we saw during the last season of Teen Mom OG, they did have a few arguments, one notable one being about whether or not to find out the baby's gender.

Amber Portwood Baby Bump with Andrew Glennon

But for the most part, they actually seem to get along pretty well.

Better than she got along with Gary or Matt, at least.

If you watched the early seasons of Teen Mom, you know that Amber didn't exactly take to motherhood after having Leah.

She got very easily overwhelmed by the crying and the way that the baby pretty constantly needed her, and we saw her leave Leah crying in her crib so she could sleep more than once.

But for the sake of optimism, let's say that maybe in all these years, Amber has changed, and that she's more than ready to care for little James.

Congratulations, Amber!

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