Ronnie Ortiz-Magro: Demanding Paternity Test from Jen Harley?

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Did someone dare Ronnie Ortiz-Magro to get as messy as possible this month?

Because that's what it's starting to feel like.

If you keep up with all the latest comings and goings of the Jersey Shore crew, then you know that Ronnie has had quite a few issues with his girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, Jen Harley.

And if you weren't aware -- or even if you just want a nice little recap along with all the latest information -- then let's get right into it.

1. A Love Story

A Love Story
This is Ronnie with Jen Harley, a girl he dated for a few weeks before she got pregnant last year. We didn't hear too much about their relationship for a long time, but now it feels safe to say that their relationship has probably never been a fairy tale.

2. Cutting It Close

Cutting It Close
Seriously, Ronnie dated Malika Haqq until last July, and he got Jen pregnant about a month after that. It's wild out there.

3. Awww?

When we heard that they were expecting a child together, no one really thought much of it, besides "look, those crazy Jersey Shore kids are growing up!" But then Jersey Shore started airing again, and all the drama came to light.

4. Bad, Bad Ronnie

Bad, Bad Ronnie
Even though Jen was defintely pregnant when they filmed the show, Ronnie went back to his old cheating ways. He took some girl to the bathroom, they did some stuff, then he kept drinking and started running his mouth to his roommates about Jen.

5. Trust

“I don’t trust her for shit. I don’t,” he admitted. “So all I can do is act happy and be the best father I can be, and at the end of the day, I’m still f-cking miserable. If Jen was not pregnant, I don’t know if I’d be with her.”

6. Not a Great Move

Not a Great Move
It was dumb to talk about all of that on television, but he did, and soon after, his relationship with Jen exploded. But, oddly enough, it wasn't because of what happened on the show. At least, not directly.

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