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It may not have the best track record when it comes to lasting love, but The Bachelor franchise does not lack for eye candy.

Let’s face it, members of Bachelor Nation have seen some truly gorgeous human beings in a decade and a half on ABC.

This is true on both sides of the gender coin.

No wonder Pete couldn’t make up his mind last season. Dude’s on his third relationship from the show … since it ended!

In any case, let’s get down to the lecture at hand:

Here are the hottest women of The Bachelor – some of whom became The Bachelorette, and some of whom still might.

Heck, two of them might be The Bachelorette right now!

That whole situation is something else, but here today we’re just going to discuss beauty, which is in the eye of the beholder.

Or something. And just so we’re clear, we also ranked the hottest bachelors; we are 100% equal opportunity objectifiers.

See if you agree or if you think we’re crazy …