E.L. James Twitter Q&A Goes Horribly Awry

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Well... at least E.L. James now has something in common with Robin Thicke.

Back in July of 2014, the singer took part in a Twitter Q&A that quickly went off the rails, as Internet users bombarded the artist with embarrassing questions about his divorce and his raunchy duet with Miley Cyrus.

Along similar lines, James sat down for a Q&A on this same social media network, only for Twitter to throw well over 50 shades of shade at the erotic author.

Here is a sampling how they let James have it:

1. It's Time to #AskELJames!

It's Time to #AskELJames!
A live Twitter chat with E.L. James? Sounds simple enough, right? Things quickly deteriorated, however.

2. Trying to Be Funny

Trying to Be Funny
Things started innocently enough for James, as participants just tried to be funny.

3. A Question of Logic

A Question of Logic
Still relatively harmless, this user had a practical question for the author about her female protagonist.

4. What's the Safe Word?

What's the Safe Word?
Okay, yeah. Now things are starting to take a turn for the mean.

5. Women vs. English

Women vs. English
Unsurprisingly, James did not provide an answer to this bitter-filled question.

6. Taking a Guilt Trip

Taking a Guilt Trip
And now things have officially escalated. Many critics have accused James of romanticizing sexual abuse.

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