The Bachelor Stars Ranked: Which Hunk is Hottest?

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With Arie Luyendyk Jr. confirmed as the Bachelor and ready to capture the hearts of the Bachelor Nation, it's time again to talk about this:

Which Bachelor is the hottest Bachelor of all time!?

After all, even if ABC does scour the Earth for eligible gentlemen who are the total package ... not all hunks are created equal.

Arie Jr. will be the leading man on The Bachelor's 22nd season on ABC, making him the show's 21st Bachelor.

(Brad Womack famously got two bites at the apple ... and yet didn't get a happily ever after either time).

Obviously, not everyone in the Bachelor Nation is totally agreed on who's hot and who's not, since aesthetics are subjective.

But honestly, isn't that what makes a debate fun?

Take a look at the ghosts of Bachelors past and see for yourself who's the hottest of the hot and where you think Arie should rank.

(Whether or not a guy who dumped his real life girlfriend for the role just two days being cast is a good choice notwithstanding.)

21. Lorenzo Borghese

Lorenzo Borghese
If there were a Bachelor, and season of The Bachelor, that left less than a memorable impression, it might have to be Lorenzo Borghese. He is eminently forgettable. But he's not exactly hard to look upon.

20. Andrew Firestone

Andrew Firestone
Is Andrew Firestone a contender for Hottest Bachelor Ever?

19. Bob Guiney

Bob Guiney
Bachelor Bob Guiney starred in Season 4 of the ABC hit. No, seriously, he did.

18. Charlie O'Connell

Charlie O'Connell
Not to be confused with his brother Jerry O'Connell, who's starred on things like Sliders, Scream 2, and Crossing Jordan.

17. Byron Velvick

Byron Velvick
The bass-fishing Byron Velvick had the outdoorsy thing going for him in Season 7, that's for sure.

16. Travis Stork

Travis Stork
Travis Stork isn't just a hunk and a gentleman. He is a doctor, people.

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