The Most Shocking and Sad Reality Star Deaths: Gone, But Not Forgotten

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An overwhelming number reality TV stars have tragically passed away in recent years, for a wide variety of reasons.

Some of the names below are from well known reality series and practically household names. Some are less known. 

All of them are gone from this world, but will never be forgotten. Remember their stories and pay your respects below.

May they all rest in peace...

1. Angie Douthit

Angie Douthit
Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee’s mother, Angie Douthit, passed away on December 9, 2019 after a lengthy journey with cancer. The news was revealed on Douthit's Instagram the following day. “On Monday, December 9 at 11:37pm, Angie finished her race,” the caption read. “Her last days were spent lovingly surrounded by family and friends as they prayed, sang, and shared funny Angie stories."

2. Mary Duggar

Mary Duggar
The grandmother from Counting On died on June 9 at the age of 73. “She is greatly loved and will be missed so very much!” the Duggar family said in a statement on Facebook. “She lived a tremendous life as a follower of Christ, a wife, a devoted mother, a loving mother-in-law, and a much-loved grandmother. Proverbs 31:10-31 describes the virtuous woman, indeed she personified these beautiful verses with her life. We deeply appreciate your prayers for our family and all who loved Mary during this time.”

3. Beth Chapman

Beth Chapman
Beth Chapman was the long-time, belooved wife of Duane Chapman and was often by his side on both Dog the Bounty Hunter and Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. She lost her brave battle against throat cancer in June 2019. Shew as 59 years old.

4. Mike Thalassitis

Mike Thalassitis
Mike Thalassitis, who appeared on U.K. reality show Love Island, was found dead on March 16, 2019, in his Essex, London home. He was just 26 years. According to USA Today, reports suggest that he took his own life, as police said that his death was "not being treated as suspicious."

5. Haley Smith

Haley Smith
The American Idol alum died at age 26 in August ofo 2019 following a motorcycle incident. The singer was pronounced dead at the scene at Medway Road in Millinocket, Maine.

6. Daniel Wright

Daniel Wright
The Biggest Loser contestant from seasons 7 and 8 died at the age of 30 on May 26, 2019, nearly two years after being diagnosed with leukemia.

7. Alexis Eddy

Alexis Eddy
Alexis Eddy passed away at the very young age of 23 in Janury 2020. The star appeared on Season 6 of MTV's Are You The One and spent many years battling a substance abuse problem. She was found by authorities after someone called the police to say a woman had suffered a cardiac arrest.

8. Elsa Patton

Elsa Patton
Best known as “Mama Elsa” on Bravo's The Real Housewives of Miami, she died in May 2019. The Havana, Cuba-born Patton was the mother of longtime Miami publicist Marysol Patton, who was a cast member of the series from 2011 to 2013.

9. Billy Smith and Joe Smith

Billy Smith and Joe Smith
The My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding twins died in a suspected joint suicide on December 28, 2019. The former reality TV stars appeared on the British reality show in 2013.

10. Lyric McHenry

Lyric McHenry
McHenry starred for the only season of EJNYC and died at the age of 26. Of a drug overdose. While pregnant. Her death came as a total shock to those who knew her well.

11. Jael Strauss

Jael Strauss
Jael Strauss came in sixth on America's Next Top Model Season 8. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2018 and was gone just two months later. At the age of 34.

12. James “L.B.” Bonner

James “L.B.” Bonner
At the very young age of 30, this My 600-Lb. Life star was found dead on August 2, 2018. A coroner’s report later confirmed his cause of death was suicide. Tragic stuff.

13. Michael Johns

Michael Johns
The American Idol finalist died suddenly in August 204. According to reports, Johns had twisted his ankle and had gone to see a doctor because of the excessive swelling. The following day, the reality TV star was found dead by a friend. Reports indicate that Johns had died from a blood clot, which developed in his sprained ankle.

14. Brandon Rogers

Brandon Rogers
A beloved contestant on America’s Got Talent, Rogers passed away mere weeks before his episode was scheduled to air in June of 2017. The singer was so talented, Boyz II Men actually had him perform on stage with them in January of 2016 prior to his death.

15. Bernie McGee

Bernie McGee
The Seeking Sister Wife star passed away at the age of 41 after suffering a heart attack and heat stroke while riding his bicycle on June 15, 2019. “Our hearts go out to the McGee family following the loss of husband and father Bernie McGee," TLC said in a statement. McGee and wife Paige Mcgee, whose polyamorous relationship was documented on the show, shared four kids.

16. Chris March

Chris March
The Project Runway season 4 star died after suffering a heart attack on September 5, 2019. He was 56 years old and was previously placed in a medically induced coma after he fell and hit his head at his home in June of 2017. After several weeks he woke up to learn that he was paralyzed from the knees down in both legs, as well as his right arm.

17. Phil Harris

Phil Harris
He was a Discovery Channel star and the captain of the crab-fishing vessel Cornelia Marie -- and he died on February 9, 2010, of an intracranial hemorrhage resulting from complications of a massive stroke he had suffered in late January. He was 53 years old.

18. Christina Grimmie

Christina Grimmie
Christina Grimmie was a singer who first began gaining popularity from YouTube. She later worked as a backup singer for Selena Gomez, and in 2014, she appeared as a contestant on The Voice. In 2016, she performed in Orlando, and whhen she was signing autographs outside afterwards, she was shot by a seriously unstable fan, who then shot himself. She was only 22 years old.

19. Lisa Fleming

Lisa Fleming
After appearing on season 6 of My 600-Lb. Life, Lisa Fleming died at the age of 50 on August 23, 2018. Her death was related to her life-long struggle with her figure and her weight.

20. Justin Tennison

Justin Tennison
Also a Deadly Catch star. He was was found dead in an Alaska hotel room on February 22, 2011. An autopsy revealed that the 33-year-old star had died due to untreated complications related to sleep apnea.

21. Gia Allemand

Gia Allemand was a contestant on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, as well as Bachelor Pad. In 2013, after getting into an argument with her boyfriend, she attempted suicide. After a couple of days in the hospital, doctors declared her brain dead, and she was taken off life support. She was only 29 years old.

22. Eric Hill

Eric Hill
Hill passed away on April 23, 2014, after a paragliding accident in Utah. His death preceded the airing of his season of The Bachelorette, as he was one of the men vying for Andi Dorfman's affection.

23. Big Ang

Big Ang
Legendary Angela "Big Ang" Raiola rose to fame after appearing on Mob Wives -- she also had two spin-offs, Big Ang and Miami Monkeys. In 2015, doctors discovered a cancerous tumor in her throat, and although it was successfully removed, her cancer returned several months later. It had also spread to her lungs and brain. A few months after that in February of 2016, she passed away. She was 55.

24. Mindy McCready

Mindy McCready was a country singer best known for her song "Guys Do It All the Time." Unfortunately, she was also known for her chaotic personal life after making a particularly heartbreaking appearance in a season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. She struggled with substance abuse and mental illness, and she attempted suicide at least twice before fatally shooting herself on her front porch in 2013. She was 37 years old.

25. Corey Haim

Cory Haim was a beloved child actor in the 80s, known for movies like The Lost Boys, Lucas, and License to Drive. Later, he broke onto the reality TV scene with a show called The Two Coreys -- the other Corey, of course, being Corey Feldman. He battled addiction for most of his life, but when he died in 2010, the cause was listed as pneumonia. He was 38 years old.

26. Lisa Marie Naegle

Lisa Marie Naegle
Lisa Marie Naegle was a woman who appeared on Bridalplasty, a short-lived reality show in which women competed in various wedding-related games in order to earn various plastic surgery procedures. In 2016, six years after appearing on the show, she was murdered by her lover -- he beat her with a hammer and buried her in a shallow grave in his backyard. She was 36.

27. Valerie Fairman

Valerie Fairman
Valerie Fairman appeared on 16 and Pregnant, but instead of going on to appear on Teen Mom 2 like some of the other girls from her season, she fell hard into addiction. She'd been arrested numerous times over the years, including a 2015 arrest for prostitution, and her mother had full custody of her daughter, Nevaeh. In 2016, she was at a friend's house when she was found unresponsive in the bathroom. Later, it was revealed that she died of an overdose, with multiple drugs found in her system. She was only 23 years old.

28. Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith was an American icon, let's be real. She first achieved fame as a model, posing for Playboy and clothing companies like Guess. She also tried out acting for a while, but what many people may remember her for best was as a reality star -- The Anna Nicole Show was honestly amazing. Unfortunately, she had a problem with abusing prescription medication, and that's what led to her death. In 2007, she took a deadly combination of pills, including sleeping pills and four different kinds of benzos. She was 39.

29. Shain Gandee

Shain Gandee starred in MTV's Buckwild. The series was like Jersey Shore meets Jackass. Gandee, his uncle, David Dwight Gandee and his friend, Donald Robert Myers, died of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning when the car they were driving in got submerged in mud. He was 21 years old.

30. Diem Brown

Diem Brown appeared on several seasons of the MTV reality show, The Challenge. In her very first season, all the way back in 2005, she told her castmates that she'd been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She was in remission for several years, and in between filming appearances on The Challenge, she worked as a journalist. Her cancer returned in 2012, and again in 2014, when she was filming. She collapsed on set and was rushed to a hospital. She passed away three months later at the age of 34.

31. Simone Battle

Simone Battle got her start on The X Factor USA in 2011, and was later part of a girl group called G.R.L. In 2014, her boyfriend found her dead in her home -- she'd killed herself. Her rep later claimed that she'd been depressed because of money issues. She was 25.

32. Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn was known for being part of the original Jackass cast, appearing on the show, all three movies, and spin-offs like Viva La Bam and Bam's Unholy Union. In 2011, he crashed his car into a tree, killing himself and a passenger, his friend Zach Hartwell. It was later discovered that he'd been driving between 132 to 140 miles per hour, and that his blood alcohol level was over twice the legal limit. He was 34 years old.

33. Caleb Bankston

Caleb Bankston appeared on Survivor: Blood Vs. Water in 2013, along with fiancé Colton Cumbie. Back in the real world, he worked as a train engineer, and a year after his appearance on survivor, he died in an accident at work -- one train derailed while he was working and crushed him against another. He was 26.

34. Eric Hill

Eric Hill appeared on the tenth season of The Bachelorette. After filming his time with Andi Dorfman, he went paragliding in Utah, and his parachute collapsed, resulting in serious injury. He spent three days in the hospital in critical condition before he passed away. He was 32.

35. Joey Kovar

Joey Kovar appeared on The Real World, and later he appeared on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew to receive treatment for his addiction to alcohol, ecstasy, cocaine, meth, and steroids. Three years after that, he died from an opiod overdose. He was 29.

36. Russell Armstrong

Russell Armstrong was a cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills -- he was married to Taylor Armstrong. In 2011, she filed for divorce, and shortly after that, they were both sued for 1.5 million dollars after Russell's company allegedly misappropriated funds. A month later, he hung himself. He was 47.

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